Phantasma Chain has announced a partnership with Bluzelle as part of its effort to create an optimal ecosystem for application development. Bluzelle is described as a “decentralized, on-demand, scalable database service for dApps.” With this partnership, Phantasma Chain will allow developers to choose between different types of database storage, permanent or temporary, according to their inherent needs.

In a Medium post published by Phantasma, it’s noted that although the storage of static data is a suitable use case for blockchain due to its permanence, “most developers also require a way to store and manage their dynamic data.” Whilst this is possible on distributed ledgers such as NEO and Ethereum, updating dynamic data presents a costly and impractical problem for developers who may need to rewrite the same piece of data numerous times. As such, it’s claimed that developers can benefit from a decentralized storage solution that works with their existing applications.

The partnership between Phantasma and Bluzelle aims to enable “all the necessary tools for data storage and management” and give developers the choice between permanent and dynamic database storage, which will open the door to future possibilities. Some proposed applications by Phantasma Chain include improving data flow, enabling smart data dApps, creating cross-chain applications and more.

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