Community-oriented NFT projects are springing up from within the Neo ecosystem, made possible in part through third-party marketplaces like Sky Hut and GhostMarket, as well as the FTW Smith token generator. Since the launch of Neo N3 MainNet in Aug. 2021, various grassroots NFT projects have been brought to life with a variety of themes and purpose.

Some of the recently launched community NFT projects can be found below.

Flamboyant Flamingo NFTs

Flamboyant Flamingos, an algorithmically-generative NFT project, is launching an NFT series inspired by the Flamingo DeFi platform. It is the first NFT collection spun up on the FTW Smith token generator. There will be a total supply of 500 Flamboyant Flamingos, which will be manually minted and released in five iterations of 100 NFTs over the coming months.

Half of the Flamboyant Flamingos will be airdropped to Neo ecosystem participants, handpicked by the creator of the series. The other half will be made available for purchase on GhostMarket.

Source: Flamboyant Flamingos

The Flamboyant Flamingos are generated using a combination of five layers and an attribute called “pride value.” A total of five Golden Flamingo NFT legendary mints will have a pride value of 100, making them the rarest NFTs of the series. Eventually, pride value will have utility, but that concept is still under development.

The NFTs in this series are stored on the Neo blockchain as Base64 mime type within smart contract storage. This method removes any dependency on a centralized or impermanent host on HTTP or IPFS. Anyone can grab the Base64 form of the SVG file from the contract storage, decode the Base64, and view the SVG file in an image viewer, editor, or browser.

Neo Candy NFTs

Neo Candy launched an NFT series on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace. Through Jan. 19, interested individuals can bid on the ten-set series of candy-themed NFTs.

Source: Neo Candy

Each NFT contains a random number of NEP-17 CANDY tokens, splitting a pool of 1 million tokens over the 10 NFTs. Each NFT will contain between 50,000 and 300,000 CANDY, a community token designed to reward people for interacting with Neo’s dApps.

In addition to CANDY rewards stored within the NFTs, any Sky Hut user who mints a Neo Candy-related NFT will share from a pool of 50,000 CANDY with other qualifying participants.

Other NFT Projects

BitRings are pixelated jewelry-based NFT collectibles minted on the Neo N3 blockchain via GhostMarket. The team recently conducted a reward campaign, distributing 10,000 CANDY to five BitRing NFT owners each. The winning NFTs included BitRing #001, BitRing #002, BitRing #013, BitRing #040 and BitRing #069.

Source: GhostMarket

Other NFT projects recently launched include CryptoUFOs as part of the Sky Hut collection and an unofficial Antshares NFT series minted on FTW Smith.

Source: Sky Hut