Forthewin.Network (FTW) has shared new details surrounding the NFT tournaments taking place inside of FTW Arena, a battleground for runes.

Runes, which are limited to a total supply of 500, are minted with two algorithmically generated attributes: phase and luck. The phase can be either light, dark, fire, water, wood, or metal. Luck is a randomly generated number between 1 and 10. The combination of these two attributes will determine the outcome of one rune pitted against another, similar to a rock-paper-scissors style game.

Example FTW Rune with attributes: Phase metal, Luck 7

For example, a rune with a fire phase will have an advantage over a metal or wood rune, but be at a disadvantage against a water or earth rune. A light rune will be slightly strong against a dark rune but slightly weak to all others, and vice-versa for the dark rune.

The luck attribute adds a probability factor to each match, so that matches are not as simple as the stronger element always wins. In the event of a tie between two runes, a winner is determined using the nonce of the current N3 block, in such a way as to make the odds 50/50.

In a given arena, rune battles are carried out in a tournament until only one winner remains. There are five arenas, with a capacity for 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 rune entries each. However, anyone can participate in a battle even if there are no arena slots available, by purchasing GAS tickets and betting on the outcome.

The current price is 0.2 GAS per ticket, and for this event the first 1,000 ticket entries will automatically be rewarded with 100 FTW tokens. Players who bet on an arena’s winning rune will share 70% of proceeds, in proportion to their number of tickets. The other 30% will be awarded to the arena champion from the previous round.

The next round of battles for all five arenas will be set in motion by the smart contract creator. The date and time of the matches has not been announced. For all future battles, however, the current champion of a given arena will decide when to start the next battle. Since 30% of the arena prize pool will be awarded to them, the arena champion is incentivized to wait until a sufficient number of bets have been placed before beginning the match and potentially losing their champion position.

The full announcement regarding arena ticket sales can be found here. To view current arena openings and participate in ticket sales, interested readers can visit the arena tab at