On May 8th, Concierge announced a rebrand to the name Travala, along with a planned migration from the domain concierge.io to travala.com. Travala is a travel booking marketplace on the NEO blockchain, aiming to be the first decentralized, trusted, zero commission travel platform.

In a post on the Travala subreddit addressed to the community, the Travala team stated that the rebrand is something they have given considerable thought to over a long period of time. Whilst operating under the name Concierge, they had tried to secure the concierge.com domain name which was not in use at the time. However, a “multi-billion dollar company” was able to acquire the name first. This led the team to reconsider their branding, noting “To move forward and become a truly global travel brand that would appeal to everyone, we’ve always believed a .com was essential to that goal.”

Travala was chosen as it is a “it’s a unique and very travel-oriented, marketable brand that is easy for all nations and languages to use”, and the team have already started rebranding their social presence.

In addition, Travala will be changing their ticker symbol from CGE to AVA, and will be distributing AVA tokens to CGE holders at a ratio of 1:1. The total supply of AVA will be 61,571,086.

According to Travala, the AVA token will be listed on Switcheo soon after the distribution, allowing the team to keep its original promise of listing the token on an exchange within one month of the conclusion of the token sale.

Travala has warned users that there may be some downtime over the next few days whilst migration and testing is underway, but will provide more detailed updates as this occurs.

More information can be found at the link below –