In this special episode of the Smart Economy Podcast, Dylan talks to ecosystem representatives at the Neo booth during Consensus 2023. It was Neo’s second consecutive year exhibiting at the event, which is among the premier North American events for the blockchain industry.

The main attraction at the booth was the OneBand ring, which was cryptographically bound to an ITEM NFT. Once a ring was acquired, holders were able to unlock themed design elements to a LIZARD NFT by scanning the ring at the various Neo ecosystem project stations.

Join us in listening to representatives from GhostMarket, NGD Enterprise, Perlin Finance, AxLabs, COZ, Flamingo Finance, and Greenfinch. Topics discussed include what they are working on, the success of the OneBand ring, how the event onboarded new Neo community members, their thoughts after meeting the community at the event, and aspirations for Consensus 2024.

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