General Updates

Neo News Today shared a recap of Neo’s activities at Consensus 2023. Over 750 OneBand NFT rings and LIZARD NFTs were distributed to Neo booth visitors onboarded into the ecosystem through Neo’s event activation. Its booth was designed with a central area for onboarding OneBand users, four columns with ecosystem projects on either side (“project pods”), and spaces for networking and discussions. The project pods showcased a diverse range of Web3 technologies encompassing NFT, DeFi, DAO, and metaverse projects, as well as pods that highlighted the ecosystem’s cutting-edge developer tools. The pods were hosted by AxLabs, COZ, Forthewin Network, Perlin Finance, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Greenfinch, and Digi.

R3E Network co-founder Jinghui Liao published an article on Nasdaq entitled Zero-Knowledge Proofs: The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Privacy Tech. The article offered an overview of how ZKPs can be used to protect privacy, authenticate identification, safeguard sensitive information, and also included example use cases.

Quirky Soul College will conclude Wave 1 NFT minting on May 14. Afterward, users will not be able to mint Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave. After the mint closes, the QSC team intends to airdrop rewards to Wave One NFT holders. At the time of press, 185 Wave One QSC NFTs remain.

DogeRift has partnered with Metaverse Worlds, an aggregator website composed of content creators focusing on NFT and metaverse projects. Additionally, DogeRift announced a partnership with DEXGame, a community of builders and stakeholders in the gaming industry seeking to build Web3 and metaverse products.

Neo Soccer kicked off season six of the 38-day Flamingo Finance and Meme2Earn leagues. The team also announced a forthcoming payment structure change to the platform, where players will purchase players, coaches, stadiums, and place bids to join series or tournaments with the native BITS token, not bNEO.

NNT joined a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to discuss the Neo booth at Consensus 2023 and the OneBand NFT ring activation. Also, GhostMarket‘s GM token has been listed on the Uniramp fiat on- and off-ramp aggregator.

Flamingo Finance released stats on the top pools by APR on the DeFi platform, noting 68% APR for the bNEO/FUSD pool and 65% APR for the FLM/FUSD and bNEO/DOGER pools.


June 10 – 11: Flamingo Finance to participate in Web3 Berlin.

Token Listings

GM has been listed on Uniramp.