Over 750 OneBand NFT rings and LIZARD NFTs were distributed to Neo booth visitors onboarded into the ecosystem through Neo’s Consensus 2023 event activation. Consensus is among the premiere North American conferences for the blockchain industry and has been running since 2015. This year’s event took place April 26 through 28 in Austin, Texas.

The three-day event provided a forum for industry experts, investors, and developers to network, discuss industry trends, and showcase their products and services. Neo’s presence at Consensus 2023 was significant as it had one of the largest booth footprints at the event and hosted dozens of community participants from across the ecosystem.

Neo’s booth was stationed towards the middle of the conference arena, allowing for high visibility and foot traffic. It was designed with a central area for onboarding OneBand users, four columns with ecosystem projects on either side (“project pods”), and spaces for networking and discussions. The layout was designed to maximize visitor engagement and provide an immersive experience of the Neo ecosystem.

The project pods showcased a diverse range of Web3 technologies encompassing NFT, DeFi, DAO, and metaverse projects, as well as pods that highlighted the ecosystem’s cutting-edge developer tools. The pods were hosted by AxLabs, COZ, Forthewin Network, Perlin Finance, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Greenfinch, and Digi.

In addition, other representatives from the Neo ecosystem had a presence at the booth, including Neo co-founder Da Hongfei, NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss, researcher Vitor Coelho from NeoResearch, Jinghui Liao from R3E Network, and half a dozen Neo Global Development team members.

Onboarding with the OneBand Non-Fungible Item

The OneBand NFI is a physical, wearable ring cryptographically bound to an NFT. The device is powered by an NFC antenna which enables short-range wireless communication with other devices. The NFC chip contains a censored BIP32 master key which supports BIP44 derivations to private keys for most modern blockchains. It works similarly to a hardware wallet, except that the private key is known only to the device itself. The phygital item was conceptualized and manufactured by COZ, with assistance from AxLabs, who wrote the device firmware.

Source: COZ

The OneBand activation allowed participants to have an immersive experience of the Neo ecosystem. It involved a process where booth visitors were provided an ITEM NFT asset that they would then bind to a OneBand ring in a non-custodial manner. A smart contract would randomly determine what color ring the user would get. From least to most rare, the available colors included white, black, blue, green, and red.

Alongside the ITEM NFT, users would also receive a dynamic LIZARD NFT. Once onboarded, participants could visit the eight project pods (plus NGD’s station) to scan their ring, adding up to nine new elements to the LIZARD NFT.

The onboarding process was designed to be smooth and quick, taking a little over a minute to onboard a new user.


LIZARD NFTs were designed for the event by Giacomo Boni, a concept artist from Ubisoft. The commemorative LIZARD NFT features a Texas horned lizard, an homage to the state where Consensus 2023 was held.

Source: Neo News Today

In its basic form, the LIZARD NFT features a character in a desert-like background. As booth participants visited each project pod and scanned their ring, new elements would be added to the NFT.

Source: Neo News Today

The attributes that could be updated included types of bird, city, rubber ring, garden, spirit, glasses, horns, necklace, and shirt. Each attribute also included an element of rarity, which increases the likelihood of winning a prize in the upcoming Lizard Loot game.

Lizard Loot

Lizard Loot is an upcoming mini-game that will be accessible to all LIZARD NFT holders, where LIZARDs can be used to unlock exclusive chests and win NEP-17 tokens.

Source: COZ

Each LIZARD NFT is eligible to open up to three chests:

  • Basic Chest: Win up to 5 GAS. Any LIZARD NFT can loot a Basic Chest.
  • Superior Chest: Win up to 10 GAS. LIZARD NFTs with more than five traits can loot a Superior Chest.
  • Elite Chest: Win up to 100 GAS. LIZARD NFTs with a rare trait can loot an Elite Chest.

The more project pods a Consensus 2023 attendee visited at the Neo booth, the more traits they acquired to make them eligible for larger prizes.

The Afterparty

After the third day of the event, Neo hosted an afterparty at a nearby bar for OneBand NFI holders and other booth visitors. Nearly 100 people attended to conclude the Consensus 2023 festivities. Those who had received a OneBand ring during the conference could use it to claim a free drink at the bar by tapping their OneBand ring at an NFC reader station.

Looking forward

Another activation event featuring the OneBand technology will be announced in the near future. Further, COZ intends to release a developer kit offering templates and documentation to build upon the OneBand NFI hardware.

More information about the OneBand NFI can be found at the link below: