Coupit Coin, a marketing and incentive ecommerce platform has announced the pre-alpha release of its marketplace is scheduled for February 27th on the Google Play Store.

The pre-alpha release will initially be accessible to community members who signed up as testing candidates last year. A full list of approved participants is available here.

Testers will receive an email with a link to download the application. One notable limitation of the marketplace is that users will not be able to checkout any items during the testing period. Coupit plans to open the marketplace to the public in April, at which time full checkout functionality will be available.

Testers will have the option to sign up as either a customer or a vendor, with each having specific features open to them. Users will be able to look through items posted on the marketplace as well as interact with the deposit and withdraw features for COUP, NEO & GAS tokens. Lastly, testers will have the option to checkout a free Coupit t-shirt from the marketplace as a demonstration of the platform’s features.

Users can also vote for the kind of products they’d like to see on the marketplace using this link.

The full announcement can be found at the below link: