O3 Labs has expanded its dApps platform on the latest version of its desktop wallet. O3 Labs is the Japan-based developer of the O3 Wallet for the NEO and Ontology blockchains. The changes enable the O3 Wallet to run in the background while the computer’s standard web interacts with supported dApps on O3.

O3’s operating system integration means that web browsers do not need plugins or any other access to the user’s private keys in order to operate. The O3 wallet runs as a background process, handling calls from the web browser for user signatures, and is used to authorize or deny transactions for the dApps

O3 dApps Gateway

O3 Wallet’s previous versions included a dApp platform that allowed web-based dApps to run inside a native browser window within the wallet itself. O3 stated that it was happy with the implementation in its wallet for mobile phones, but as “the experience on desktop seemed a bit lacking” the team decided to integrate the “polish and familiarity” of mainstream desktop browsers.

O3’s integration also carries over support for the Ledger hardware wallet for the dApps running on external browsers. The latest version of its wallet, version 2.0.1, is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems.

Future Development

O3 states that future development of its dAPI connected dApps will include “improving the UI and UX” around its transaction requests and expanding the list of dApps supported by the project.

The full reveal and feature list from O3 Labs can be viewed at the following link: