Decentralized blockchain game platform For The Win (FTW) has successfully integrated with O3 wallet, a popular application for the NEO and Ontology blockchains.

The integration follows FTW’s launch on the NEO MainNet on February 4th. The first of its kind on NEO, FTW provides a complete automated solution for participating in the platform’s decentralized lottery and user-created raffles.

The dApp allows users to take advantage of O3’s Desktop Wallet v2 functionality. Released on February 13th, the latest version of the O3 Desktop Wallet can run as a background process and enables all major browsers to call the wallet when a signature is required. This means users will not have to log into the FTW dApp using private keys or browser extension software.

Instructions for how to connect the O3 wallet with FTW are as follows:

  • First, users must download and run the latest O3 desktop application (version 2.0.1 or higher).
  • Next, users open the app, navigate to and click the “Connect with O3” button under “Wallet Login.”
  • A prompt will appear asking the user to accept the connection. Upon clicking “Accept” the user will connect to the FTW dApp.

Users will know they’ve successfully linked their accounts when they see the FTW+O3 logo.

FTW has also announced a referral program which allows users to sign up and receive 5% of the ticket price for successful referrals. The incentive works by appending the user’s NEO address to a unique URL provided by FTW.

More details on how to participate in the incentive can be read here, as well as sign up instructions.