Phantasma Chain, an upcoming blockchain for “next-generation content distribution” and data storage has released version 0.2 of its software development kit (SDK).

Phantasma Chain’s newest SDK intends to make it easier for developers to create and debug on the platform. The kit offers a suite of useful development tools and now provides support for multiple programming languages.

The newest release extends support to three new languages for dApp development: Python, PHP, and Golang. The total number of supported languages is now five, including C# and Javascript.

Version 0.2 included an update to “Spook,” with extended API support. Spook was originally introduced in the first version of Phantasma Chain’s SDK. The tool works as a command-line wallet but also supports masternode staking, smart contract assembly and compiling, as well as a simulator for chain network activity among other features.

Phantasma Chain also implemented support for non-fungible tokens with the SDK update. A non-fungible asset is comprised of unique properties and is indivisible. Examples of applications that use NFT’s include CryptoKitties, operated on the Ethereum blockchain, or the future release of HashPuppies, that will run on the NEO blockchain.

Finally, both the Phantasma Explorer and wallet have been included in the SDK to make it easier for developers to test and debug their code, in addition to support for the Unity real-time video game engine.

The release includes a Unity package for quick installation as well as code samples and a non-fungible marketplace.

Version 0.2 can be downloaded here from Github.