On November 13th, Zeepin released CryptoGalaxy v1.6. The new version includes ZPT token withdrawal functionality, P2P planet trading, new in-game assets, robot and spaceship upgrades, plus a few more minor changes. CryptoGalaxy is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’ that can be converted into GALA, the game’s native currency.

CryptoGalaxy users are now able to transfer ZPT tokens to their ZeeWallet or external exchanges. GALA is also planned for withdrawal functionality, even if the option becomes available before GALA is listed on exchanges. Initially, Zeepin will be auditing each individual ZPT withdrawal request, until the platform is secure and stable enough for automatic withdrawals.

Players are now able to trade planets with other users on GalaxyEx, a marketplace to store and trade internal game assets. Planets contain minerals that can be mined by Galabots, and traded for assets. Additionally, a new planet type, Nibiru, was introduced to the gaming platform. The planet will not have resources to be mined but serves as a collectible that can be traded on GalaxyEx.

The GalaBot, Grubber, and Whale have been updated so that players can upgrade their characters to level 40. The Galabots are assigned unique attributes such as faster productivity, larger capacity, and new mineral detection.

So far, over 350 planets have been created and explored. A new planet is released for every 120 GALA tokens staked into a pool. With this many planets, Zeepin has opted to remove planet filtering from the “Discover” tab. Planets can now be filtered by “the basis of price, uniqueness, technology (not working yet), and the number of diggers.”

To explore the CryptoGalaxy and locate planets, players must use a spaceship. The latest version now includes three different spaceships users can “rent,” they include the Palleon Class, Star Destroyer, and Prometheus. Each spaceship varies in the cost of use and has unique attributes to help the user locate different types of assets (such as planets and minerals).

Other minor upgrades were made, which can be viewed in full at the following link: