Red Pulse has released its bi-weekly report for the end of October and first half of November. Highlights include the final post in the Gig Economy series, a new exchange listing, media coverage, and upcoming event attendance.

The Red Pulse community manager, Chris Tannahill, published the third and final piece of the “A Gig Economy” series, entitled “Contributing to Red Pulse’s Knowledge Sharing Ecosystem.” The first part of the series was entitled “A Gig Economy: The Rise of User Generated Content” and the second part “A Gig Economy: Solving Problems for Clients and Content Creators.

On October 30th, Red Pulse’s PHX token was listed on Bitsonic. Bitsonic is a Korean exchange that offers a fiat-to-cryptocurrency gateway. The PHX token’s sole pairing on the exchange is the Korean Won.

Additionally, Red Pulse was listed on Blockfolio Signal, which allows users to quickly receive updates directly from the Red Pulse team.

With regards to media coverage, Red Pulse was covered in the Global Coin Report, Crypto Block Wire for its Phoenix platform, and a project review and analysis conducted on

Lastly, Red Pulse leadership will be attending Finners Shanghai 2018, where they’ll be on hand to display the Phoenix platform. Registration for the event can be found below:

Red Pulse will also be attending Beyond the Blocks Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Registration for the event can be found in the following link: