The Neo platform is among the six largest smart contract platforms included in the recently released 2019 annual dApp market report. is a dApp explorer website that was among the first 50 entities that partnered with Neo in Summer 2019 as part of the EcoBoost program.

The annual dApp market report explores trends in transaction volumes, wallets, use cases, user activity, and provides a 2018-to-2019 side-by-side comparison. The report examined the leading blockchains in terms of total volume of native tokens, such as NEO/GAS, but not NEP-5 standards or their equivalents.

Across the blockchain ecosystem in 2019, the number of dApp users doubled, more dApps were developed than the year prior, and there were more than 2.77 million new dApp users onboarded into the blockchain ecosystem.


Of the eight categories of dApps, the most active dApps were those used for gambling, exchange, or finance. However, the high volume attributed to gambling applications seemed to peak in Q2 2019 before dropping to a lower number of users by Q4 2019.

While there was a significant increase in users, the one-year survival rate for new dApps fell from 38.2% in 2018 to 31% in 2019.

Neo in 2019

In line with the broader industry trend, the Neo ecosystem witnessed modest growth in the number of both active and total dApp users, approximately 55,500 and 100,100, respectively. Additionally, the ecosystem saw the creation of more than 300,000 new wallets, increasing the number of MainNet addresses to 2,170,771.


The number of active dApps in the ecosystem grew from five in Q1 2019 to 15 by the end of Q4 2019. In addition to the active dApps, monitored ten additional dApps in the Neo ecosystem that are inactive at the time of press.

From the active dApps, the Neo blockchain processed approximately 2.3 million transactions in 2019. Of those transactions, 55% derived from gaming, 44% from exchanges, and 1% were related to other purposes. The majority of gaming activity began in Q3/Q4 of 2019 from projects such as Blockchain Cuties, Cardmaker, NeoLand, and more.

Compared to 2018, the Neo ecosystem saw an increase in user activity, which was associated mainly with the introduction of blockchain-based games into the ecosystem.

The full 2019 annual dApp market report can be found at the link below: