On May 21, DeepBrain Chain announced a “strategic co-operation”  with BeeNews. Utilizing its experience from public opinion and big data analysis, DeepBrain Chain will develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep learning algorithm for BeeNews to enhance its user experience. The two organizations seek to disseminate high quality information, and provide for smooth communication on the application.

BeeNews is a value discovery platform for blockchain and digital currencies. BeeNews operates on the ‘Meta-graph Chain’ to provide users with smart feeds, graphs, a CV-Rank index (coin volatility) index, and the ability to track growth of cryptocurrency indices.

The smart feeds are tailored to the users interests and habits through deep machine learning. DeepBrain Chain integrates deep learning framework engines into their processes, and could potentially implement them with BeeNews’ smart feeds.

DeepBrain Chain will also has its own project discussion board on the BeeNews application. In conjunction, the two will work together to actively promote brand awareness, and local and global community building.

For more information about BeeNews visit their website, or whitepaper.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.