PeerAtlas recently announced a partnership with iScientia, a healthcare information service provider. The two organizations will seek to develop an advanced medical information resource on top of the NEO blockchain.

iScientia is a Belgium-based company that has emerged as a leader in point-of-care clinical support over the past 20 years. Their services are used by hospitals, universities, and medical professionals in over 19 European countries.

The partnership will have a primary focus on collecting patients data through electronic medical records. iScientia currently has an existent, functional platform that provides this service, which will help the PeerAtlas team build and launch a clinical trial sooner than previously expected.

PeerAtlas Update

Brad Mattson, founder of PeerAtlas, recently made an announcement to the community Telegram group, highlighting the changing scope and subsequent segments of the project that are going through an update.

PeerAtlas has been working on including additional features to the platform, and is currently updating the whitepaper, roadmap, website, token metrics, and legal documents. Additionally, the team will be launching a referral program soon, where doctors will be rewarded for referring other doctors.

Further information about the upcoming date of the PeerAtlas public token sale is forthcoming.

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