DeepBrain Chain, a decentralized AI computing platform has recapped its progress and achievements for the last two weeks of January in a progress report released February 2nd.

MOU with Decentralized AI Alliance

The first item on the report was the announcement that the platform signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA). The DAIA was formed by SingularityNET and AI Decentralized, and claims to be an “open industry alliance trying to foster the development of decentralized AI technologies.”

According to a press release issued by the organization, DAIA also intends to support 100 AI projects over the next two years with a funding allowance of US$2 million to the first 50 projects.

DeepBrain Chain’s MOU with DAIA is claimed to be “another step for DeepBrain Chain to connect with industry alliance, global blockchain+AI businesses and organizations to advance the development of AI globally.”

Opens Student Registration for AI Research Centre in Silicon Valley

Another development for DeepBrain Chain was seen in the globalization of its AI research centre in Silicon Valley. Announced in May last year, the research centre will reportedly receive as much as US$100 million over the next three years to fund development in the areas of AI-enabled cryptocurrency mining, deep learning, and blockchain integration.

The research centre now offers a Chinese version of its course and an optimized internship experience for students.

Additionally, the centre will soon open its doors for US graduate students, with the first batch due to be admitted in the second half of this year. International institutions in collaboration with DeepBrain Chain have also started their student enrollments.

The platform’s association with the Japan Big Data Association is one such entity that has begun admitting students, with ten students enrolled into its AI engineer training project. Furthermore, DeepBrain Chain claims that the association will also encourage staff to participate in in the program to assist with the roll-out of the network’s AI development platform.

Strategic Cooperation with Wuhan University and Hubei University of Technology

A strategic collaboration was also formed between DeepBrain Chain and Wuhan University and Hubei University of Technology. The collaboration will reportedly encompass “student training and usage of DBC compute power,” according to a statement in the report.

In January, DeepBrain Chain was also selected among the “Top Hundred 2018 China’s Best Blockchain Company” at the “China Blockchain Industry Economic Development Conference” held on January 22nd.

Outlines Development Updates

For infrastructure development of the platform’s network, a number of functions and improvements were reportedly rolled out. A full list of changes can be read here in the original announcement.

An update for DeepBrain Chain’s Skynet project was also provided. DeepBrain aims for Skynet to become the backbone of its network by petitioning computing power from a distributed network of computers across the world. The computing power is then intended to be used by DeepBrain Chain’s customers for the use in training AI learning and applications.

The number of GPUs in Skynet current stands at 255, with 2,223 AI training tasks performed from 391 users.

Finally, the platform reminded readers of its Global Ambassadors Program, an initiative for people to earn DBC tokens by helping to promote the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem.

The full report can be found at the below link: