On April 9th, 2018, DeepBrain Chain announced that their new official website V1.0 is now online. DeepBrain Chain’s website V2.0 is now under development and they are looking for feedback on the current site. To give feedback, you can contact them at info@deepbrainchain.org.

With the launch of their new site, DeepBrain Chain has also unveiled a new system involving DBPoints. DBPoints is part of their community reward plan, and they can be converted into DBC tokens or products from their Loyalty Shop that will be opened later this year. You can currently earn 100 DBPoints by registering an account on their website, connecting your Twitter account, and subscribing to their newsletter. A guide on how to earn more DBPoints will be released in the future.

To learn more about DeepBrain Chain you can visit their new website.

To stay up to date you can join their communities on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Reddit.