Zeepin has announced they will be launching their TestNet on April 23rd, 2018. Zeepin is aiming to build the “creative smart economy” through the Zeepin Platform, which is a combination of dApps that focus on issues such as intellectual property rights, insurance, staffing, project management, project funding and more.

ZeeRights, Zeepin’s creative copyright application has been in closed beta testing since March. ZeeRights can be used to obtain digital certificates of copyright registration on the blockchain, which can also be transferred from one user to another. The ZeeRights UI has recently undergone an update based on the closed beta feedback, and the open beta is on schedule to be released in May.

Zeepin’s token, ZPT, is currently a NEP-5 token, and Zeepin have been working with Ontology on the development of their custom public chain. Extensive testing will be undertaken before the Zeepin Chain is moved onto MainNet. More information will be released on Zeepin’s partnership with Ontology later this month.

In other Zeepin developments, VIP beta testing has begun on their CryptoGalaxy mobile application. A competition is currently underway in which the community can vote for their country to have a customised planet. Participants can invite friends to join their vote, and the top 70 participants on the invite ranking list will be invited to join the next round of beta testing. The competition ends on April 16th.

For more information on Zeepin you can visit their website, Telegram, Twitter, Medium or Reddit.