Effect.AI has partnered with graphic content provider, Lobster, to provide its human-intelligence-task platform, Effect Force. Lobster is a user-generated content licensing marketplace that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic engineering to locate and sell high-quality and relevant photographs or videos. For each purchase, Lobster gives 75% of the purchase fees to the content creator.

The stock photography platform allows content creators to connect their social media accounts to Lobster’s image and video database. The ease with which users can upload photographs and videos ensures a constant stream of unique and original content. Throughout this process, Lobster handles licensing options, which allows companies to source content without maneuvering licensing matters.

Effect Force will aim to enrich a large portion of the Lobster catalogue with accurate metadata, to provide more information for Lobster’s AI and algorithmic engines to utilize for faster, more relatable search results.

Currently, in alpha testing, Effect.AI has an internal team of ten working on the first tasks for Lobster. After alpha and beta testing, Effect Force will provide its 4,000 registered workers with access to over 20 million image classification tasks.

For more information about Lobster visit their website, Twitter, or Instagram.

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