Elements has announced a new partnership with Neo Global Development to provide turnkey solutions allowing game and dApp developers to integrate tokenization into traditional platforms using the Neo blockchain.

Elements is a server backend engine for games and applications that require cloud connectivity. The infrastructure service provider offers a one-stop solution that enables users to develop, prototype, and deploy features found in other applications.

Elements supports various platforms, consoles, and architectures such as iOS, Android, Unity, PS4, XBOX ONE, Steam, AWS, and more. Bush League is a past client that used Elements’ seamless backend solutions for online player-versus-player and tournaments in their multiplayer game, Drop Squad.

Elements will be among the first game and dApp server engines to give developers direct access to key tokenization-related features. Examples include NFTs, distributed storage, wallets, and the ability to purchase cryptocurrency in-app. Elements CTO, Keith Hudnall, said:

With Neo, Elements will become the top choice for developers to quickly enable cryptocurrency and NFTs in their products with drop-in ease. Developers interested in integrating crypto into their products will no longer need to worry about how – with a few clicks, they just can.

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The full partnership announcement can be found at the link below: