Endorsit, which aims to create a “futuristic content distribution ecosystem,” has published the latest installment of its weekly update series which covers the period between December 3rd and December 9th.

The bulk of the report focuses on the progress the team has made towards its decentralized application as it prepares for the launch. Preparations are reportedly underway, with the project reorganizing its team structure and adjusting the rewards paid out to contributors. More details about the platform’s adjustment can be read here in a previous update.

Endorsit dApp Progress Development

Announced on December 11th, the team updated its application to version 0.3.8. The update will see a new batch of internal beta users connected to the platform, with the data from the previous batch of closed beta users to be deleted early next week. As outlined in Endorsit’s previous report, data from the new users will be kept until the application is officially launched.

Besides onboarding new users, the latest version also includes various tweaks and optimizations. The team has eliminated some minor bugs that were found during testing.

Building on the work from last week on iOS devices (including cosmetic changes and icon design), Endorsit updated user permissions for users running the operating system and added additional modifications.

A touch up for Android devices was also included in the update, with an optimized user interface and a new personal homepage.

The Endorsit team has stated that its dApp will now enter the internal testing stage, with successful test applicants having the opportunity to share feedback on their experience. This testing stage will not have a set duration, with Endorsit stating: “the specific duration of the internal test stage will be finally determined according to the iteration speed of our products.”

Internal Test User Applications Completed

Endorsit began accepting applications for internal test users last week and claims to have selected the first batch of users along with an operating officer. The new users will be introduced to the application and testing procedures later this week. Inquiries from internal test applicants may be directed towards Endorsit’s assistant, xiaolan, who can be found in the platform’s Telegram channel.

Endorsit also outlined its process moving forward for internal testers, stating: “the entrance of the public account application is reserved, and the second batch of internal test users will also be composed of d-level authors and some public account application users. The specific opening time of the second batch of internal test is subject to the official release time of the public account.”

The team noted that iOS testing will be delayed by one to two weeks, but it will be synchronized with the Android version following the official dApp release.

Community Rewards

As stated in the team’s previous update, the reward for Endorsit’s “ecological community invitation award” ended on December 9th. Users who participated will reportedly receive their stipulated 6666 EDS tokens sometime within the next week.

Signing off, Endorsit said that its community can look forward to seeing more official community activities in the future, and that the best way to discover these new initiatives is by following the platform on social media.