Endorsit has updated its community on the progress of its content distribution ecosystem in separate reports published December 26th and January 3rd. The reports primarily focus on improvements to its Android decentralized application, with the current version updated to 1.0.13.

Endorsit’s Android application received numerous improvements and bug fixes during the reporting periods. The voting logic was changed so that users cannot vote for their own articles to receive rewards. Also, the process of how of votes are distributed to others was reportedly “supplemented and improved.”

The user personal homepage feature was updated to improve its presentation and to fix some cosmetic bugs. Additionally, the frequently asked questions document was changed along with new personal settings controls.

These user experience changes were iterated in anticipation for a complete overhaul of the app design. A new user interface is expected to be included with its public launch.

A major update was also made to Endorsit’s web editor for authoring articles. The newest version, 1.0.2, now supports Internet Explorer 11 and above and claims to be undergoing functional testing.

dApp Internal Testing

The second batch of users for Endorsit’s internal testing program was announced for its Android version. A second round of testers will be selected from “D-level” authors who participated in the previous round, operations officers, as well as ten people who submitted an application form.

A list of approved users will reportedly be released in Endorsit’s next weekly report.

For those who wish to only browse the content being produced, users can activate the “tourist mode” and access the voting area.

NEO dApp Global Application Development Development Challenge

Endorsit is a strategic partner of the NEO dApp Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge, which opened on December 21st, 2018. Endorsit Founder, Lielei Cai, is one of the panel judges for the competition.

The event is co-hosted by the NEXT community, NEO, and Fengkou Technology and will jointly offer 16 awards (with a total value of over CNY 300,000) to the highest rated projects.

A concurrent incentive will be run by the NEXT community, who will select dApps that “help connect capital and flow channels, promote marketization, and enable more people to experience the convenience of blockchain applications.”

Registration for the event is in its preliminary stages and is currently open. The deadline for registration is March 9th, 2019.

Endorsit’s Continued Community Restructuring

Endorsit continued to reorganize its community in preparation for the launch of its dApp.

Recently, members of the Endorsit community underwent a restructuring exercise, where community members established content focus areas. Topics on Endorsit are ecological communities founded on a specific subject.

So far, the below topics have been chosen:

  • Music
  • Blockchain
  • Life
  • Reading
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Hot issues

The team is still accepting suggestions for new topic areas. Suggestions can be forwarded to the platform’s assistant, zanwozlh, on WeChat and Telegram.

Alternatively, new topic areas can be established by reaching a 50 member threshold and then notifying the Endorsit operations officers; doing so will allow contributors to earn EDS tokens for writing articles.

The reorganization of Endorsit’s community also ties into its efforts of internal testing.

Community members can elect one to two internal test authors per week. Selected users will be given a download link of the latest application version to participate in testing. Users will also have the chance to browse the content published in the platform’s testing area using Tourist mode.

Users who have been elected three consecutive times can participate in the next round of internal testing unconditionally.

The latest round of internal testers were announced January 2nd and will continue each week on the first working day.