Neo Foundation (NF) has announced that Everstake, a Kyiv-based staking service platform, has become the first non-NF entity to deploy a Neo3 Preview1 TestNet consensus node.

As a company, Everstake aims to run “highly secure and reliable nodes for Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols using the enterprise-level hardware.” Its platform offers users the ability to delegate Everstake as a voter on a variety of PoS projects such as ARK, Tezos, and NKN, among others.

As a Neo3 Preview1 TestNet consensus node operator, Everstake intends to test Neo3 features and apply all necessary updates.

In the announcement, Neo co-founder and core developer, Erik Zhang said:

We are glad to welcome Everstake as one of our consensus nodes on the Neo3 Preview1 TestNet. As Neo3 development accelerates, we appreciate the help from the ecosystem to facilitate Neo’s development and the decentralization process.

Consensus node decentralization

In June 2019, NF entirely distributed its Neo 2.x TestNet consensus node responsibility when Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (NeoSPCC) was voted in as the seventh consensus node operator. In addition to NeoSPCC, current Neo 2.x TestNet consensus node hosts include KPN, Swisscom, Neo Global Development (NGD), MatPool, COZ, and Red4Sec.

At the same time, the Neo 2.x TestNet became fully distributed, NF also announced it was temporarily suspending the promotion of TestNet nodes to Neo’s MainNet. NF cited significant development work and code changes expected for Neo3 to take a higher priority.

At the time of press, the NF says, “as more Neo3 Preview versions become available, the current and new consensus nodes will gradually join the Neo3 TestNet.” To become a Neo3 Preview TestNet consensus node, the NF states candidates will need to follow the current application process.

First, parties interested in operating a consensus node submit information about their organization, as well as their operation and maintenance proposal to

Second, NF will review candidates and approve based on qualifications and potential contributions to the Neo ecosystem.

Third, once an operator of a Neo3 Preview TestNet consensus node can prove it has been running stable for six months, NF will vote to approve it for MainNet operation.

The NF concluded, “this process will ensure the performance and stability of the Neo3 MainNet once launched later this year.”

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