TranslateMe, a translation service using the Neo blockchain, has announced the launch of its network reward campaign, which will reward users in TME tokens for using the TranslateMe Telegram application to participate in select groups.

The TranslateMe Telegram application features automatic translation of messages to a users language of choice. This allows members of Telegram groups to read all incoming messages in their native language, and allows outgoing messages to be translated into a language chosen by the receiver. The functionality is intended to be useful in situations such as global Telegram groups, where many users speak different languages.

The network reward campaign is an initiative by TranslateMe to test its reward system. The first partners of the campaign will include the TranslateMe, Switcheo Network, Travala, Probit (English), and Coinkeeper World.

Participating in the rewards campaign

To take part in the campaign, participants must use the TranslateMe Android mobile application to chat in one of the partner official Telegram channels and activate the translation tool. Users will receive 1 TMN per translated message sent. The accrued TMN will be stored in the “TMN Credits” section of the application’s menu. Users must have a minimum credit of 1,000 TMN tokens before they can withdraw.


TranslateMe states users who spam groups or use duplicate/multiple accounts will be disqualified from participating in the campaign. Further, TranslateMe states, “we reserve the right to withhold tokens should we find abuse.”

A guide to earning and claiming TMN in the TranslateMe application can be found at the link below: