The first Neospective creative community contest has concluded, with the prizes winners chosen by the community. There were a total of 3,625 votes cast for the finalists.

The first round of Neospective focused on creative diagram designs, encouraging participants to share their knowledge and passion for Neo N3 through infographic style illustrations.

The winner of first-place will be awarded US $600 in NEO, while up to 24 submissions will also receive rewards. The top four submissions can be seen below:

First Place

Source: First Place (58.7% of the vote)

Second Place

Source: Second Place (31.4% of the vote)

Third Place

Source: Third Place (6.9% of the vote)

Fourth Place

Source: Fourth Place (3% of the vote)

About Neospective

Neospective launched in Dec. 2021. It is a content creation contest designed to drive the adoption and growth of Neo by leveraging the wide range of skills and unique perspectives that community members have to offer. Each round of Neospective will focus on a different type of content.

Looking forward, there will be more Neospective campaigns with different a design or content criteria, such as writing articles, making videos, or other media formats.

The winners announcement can be found at the link below: