nDapp announced a Neoverse blind box giveaway in partnership with Neo, with 200 blind boxes up for grabs. To win boxes, users will need to answer questions about the Neo N3 ecosystem by finding the information on the nDapp website. Entrants will need to be subscribed to the NNT weekly mailing list and follow nDapp on Twitter to be eligible for prizes. Answers can be submitted via a Google Form alongside other necessary information such as the submitter’s email address and a Neo N3 public address.

Voting concluded on the first Neospective event on Jan. 23. Neospective is a creative contest designed to drive the adoption and growth of Neo by leveraging the wide range of skills and unique perspectives that community members have to offer. NGD is also distributing a Neoverse blind box NFT to 20 voters at random. The winning submissions can be found here: First place, second place, third place, and fourth place.

Rentfuse Labs founder Michael Fabozzi joined the Neo DevLog series to discuss Neonova, Neo Wallet Adapter, and open-source tooling in the Neo ecosystem. The full conversation can be found on Neo’s official YouTube channel.

NGD hosted a trivia game in the official Neo Telegram channel, distributing Neoverse blind box NFTs to the top five winners.

NNT Catch Up

Humswap released a tentative short-term roadmap for the upcoming Ants NFT airdrop expected to occur in the coming weeks. For each Ant (ANS) airdropped, the wallet will also receive an AntCoin (ANC). The owner of the ANC will receive portions of future sales of the corresponding ANS token. The total Ant NFT supply is 2,569.

NNT highlighted community-oriented NFT projects springing up from within the Neo ecosystem, made possible in part through third-party marketplaces like Sky Hut and GhostMarket, as well as the FTW Smith token generator. Since the launch of Neo N3 MainNet in Aug. 2021, various grassroots NFT projects have been brought to life with various themes and purposes. Some recently launched community NFT projects include Flamboyant FlamingosNeo CandyBitRingsCryptoUFOs, and more.

Neo News Today featured Saffron Finance in its most recent Early Adoption Program spotlight. Saffron is a yield-generating peer-to-peer risk management platform and insurance fund. With Saffron, users can deploy cryptocurrency assets to gain exposure to a desired risk and return profile. Since its launch, Saffron has amassed over US $50 million in Total Value Locked inside of its nearly two dozen asset pools.

Developer Groups

Neo community developer Robert Oschler won second place in the Metaverse Alliance hackathon’s SocialFi category. Oschler’s project, Neo3D, is a lightweight 3D interactive space for avatars within the metaverse. Avatars can also participate in live events, such as live NFT auctions. The Metaverse Alliance is an industry consortium aiming to further the development and growth of the metaverse and blockchain space. In addition to Neo, other members include KuCoin, DoraHacks, OKEx, and many more.


Jan. 17, Forthewin Network released FTW Arena tickets for participants to purchase for 0.2 GAS, which can be used to bet on the outcome of Rune NFT tournament rounds. Winning tickets receive a share of 70% of ticket sales, while victors of the tournament will receive 30%. Wallets that purchase tickets will also receive 100 FTW.

Jan. 18, NeoBurger initiated its second airdrop of NoBug governance tokens to early Neo N3 governance participants. Wallets that voted for a Neo Council node before block 258,805 on Sep. 16, 2021, are eligible. Airdrop recipients share approximately 10.8 million tokens from a pool, each receiving 9,753.14 NoBug.

Jan. 18, GhostMarket’s governance token, GM, listed on the Flamingo Finance and Pancake Swap non-custodial exchanges.

Jan. 18, Flamingo created a new pool, including GhostMarket’s GM governance token, FLP-FLM-GM.

Jan. 19, GhostMarket’s GM token listed on the CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency tracking platform.

Jan. 19, Polychain Monsters launched a new Booster Partnership complete with a special limited-edition Neo Unigiraffe NFT, social events, and an NFT creation contest. The Neo Unigiraffe is available to find in Polychain Monster Booster Packs and will be limited to 35 NFTs. Each Unigiraffe recipient will automatically be airdropped three Neoverse blind boxes.

Jan. 20, Neo Candy concluded its NFT auction, which also distributed 1 million NEP-17 CANDY tokens.

Jan. 20, NudesToken launched a website, including a faucet for the NEP-17 NUDES token, a stream of recent memes created, and a link to a forthcoming whitepaper.

Jan. 22, Flamboyant Flamingos released an article highlighting updates to the project, including the launch of a website, plans for a game, listing on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace, and the upcoming airdrop of the first round of NFTs.

Token Listings

GM listed on Flamingo Finance non-custodial exchange.

GM listed on Pancake Swap non-custodial exchange.


Jan. 25: COZ joining Neo DevLog to discuss smart contract development in Python.