NeoBurger has initiated its second airdrop of NoBug governance tokens to early Neo N3 governance participants. Wallets that voted for a Neo Council node before block 258,805 on Sep. 16, 2021 are eligible. Airdrop recipients share approximately 10.8 million tokens from a pool, each receiving 9,753.14 NoBug.

To claim the airdrop, eligible individuals must visit the NeoBurger airdrop page, connect with the NeoLine wallets used to vote on a Neo Council candidate, and claim the NoBug.

NoBug is the governance token for the upcoming BurgerDAO. BurgerDAO is a proposal-based voting system that will remove the current NeoBurger owner as the controlling party of the smart contracts system and replace them with a smart contract.

To claim the airdrop, visit the following link: