A SWTH/nNEO trading pair will be added to Flamingo Finance’s Swap module on Wednesday, November 11th.

Users can earn Flamingo Finance token (FLM) rewards by providing liquidity to the SWTH/nNEO liquidity pool. To receive FLM, users must stake nNEO and SWTH to the FLP-SWTH-nNEO pool in the Vault module.

Flamingo Finance has also adjusted the Phase One staking rewards, which take effect at 1:00 pm (UTC) on November 11th, 2020. Moving forward, Flamingo will release five million FLM tokens each week, which will be distributed accordingly:

  • FLP-FLM-nNEO: 20% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-pnWBTC-nNEO: 20% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-pnWETH-nNEO: 10% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-pONT-nNEO: 5% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-nNEO-pnUSDT: 20% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-pnWBTC-pnUSDT: 22.5% of FLM distribution
  • FLP-SWTH-nNEO: 2.5% of FLM distribution

Flamingo Finance notes that Phase One FLM distribution will run from November 11th through February 9th, 2021 and that “subsequent arrangements will be announced at a later date.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: