Flamingo Finance and O3 Labs co-hosted an Ask Me Anything event and offered FLM rewards to participants. O3 Labs discussed integrating support for Bitcoin and Ethereum across its mobile and web-based wallets, while Flamingo Finance talked about preparations to launch its DAO governance module. The AMA took place in the #o3-ama channel of the Flamingo Finance Discord server.

Flamingo Finance launched Flamincome’s FLAG governance token with plans to open its DAO for the first vote next month. The new Ethereum-based token will be distributed to Flamincome users who either provide liquidity to Uniswap pools with collateralized nTokens or participate in governance. Distribution of FLAG via liquidity mining and governance participation opened on November 6th. 1,048,576 FLAG tokens will be created in the first year, with annual inflation initially set at a rate of 100%.

Poly Enterprise, an enterprise-oriented version of the Poly Network, was integrated into the Blockchain-Service Network to enable data interoperability across dApps. Poly Enterprise already supports Hyperledger Fabric and FISCO BCOS protocols through BSN with plans to implement interoperability between more chains.

Neo founder, Da Hongfei, spoke on a panel at Hong Kong Fintech Week about how blockchain can accelerate fintech development.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted AxLabs’ senior software engineers, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller, on episode 43 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included neow3j and the Java developer experience, AxLabs’ new Neo Playground product, integrating work from other Neo developer communities, blockchain mass adoption, and more.

Pubnooks announced it is seeking to bring two “self-taught” application developers on board. The positions are listed as intern level, with “potential for future employment maintaining the application.” The first position will be responsible for various tasks such as portal integration, screen redesigns and adjustments, graphics development, table developments, and other projects as requested. The second position will assist in deploying Pubnooks to the Google Cloud Platform.

Developer Groups

NeoResearch introduced a mixed-integer linear programming model created for testing PBFT-inspired consensus mechanisms. The MILP model was discussed in a recent publication submitted by NeoResearch to the MDPI academic journal. The team drew on its background in combinatorial optimization problems to produce the model, which was developed for dBFT 2.0 and is currently being extended for its next iteration.

NEXT released its monthly report for October 2020, which noted the addition of Neo3 support to the NeoLine mobile and browser wallets, and updates to the NeoTube blockchain explorer.

COZ launched Boa v0.5 which includes optimized code generation, new interops, documentation improvements, and more.


November 2nd, Nash noted that nearly 16 million NEX tokens have been staked on its non-custodial exchange.

November 3rd, QLC Chain participated in a panel at the CBAN Showcase virtual event to discuss automation as a critical part of the telecom industry’s digital transformation.

November 3rd, APEX Network outlined the process for CPX token holders to receive Red Pulse PHX tokens as part of a merger between the companies. CPX holders will receive 2.5 PHX tokens per CPX. APEX Network took a snapshot of CPX wallet balances at block height 6,422,886, with PHX distribution beginning on November 8th. The CPX token will be deprecated.

November 5th, Switcheo secured a US $1.2 million strategic raise led by DeFiance Capital, a DeFi-oriented venture capital fund that “combines fundamental research with an activist investment approach.” As part of the investment, DeFiance Capital and the joining partners intend to be “actively involved in accelerating the growth of Switcheo by helping to scale their protocol in order to reach a wider user base.” The partners also aim to assist Switcheo in pioneering new developments and strengthening Switcheo’s presence during upcoming launches.

November 5th, Alchemint launched its SDS NEP-5 to ERC-20 token migration portal and released a step-by-step guide. To participate, users must move a minimum of 100,000 SDS from Neo to Ethereum. As an incentive, Alchemint is airdropping 1 FLM for every 25,000 SDS converted. The SDS token migration will conclude on December 31st, 2020. Once SDS tokens are converted from NEP-5 to ERC-20, the process is irreversible.

November 5th, Nash extended its liquidity mining program for another five weeks, adding recently listed NOIA tokens to the reward pool. 20,000 NEX and US $8,000 in NOIA tokens are available for rewards each week. Eligibility rules remain the same as the first round, with rewards distributed proportionately to volume contributed to the platform.


December 9th – 12th: Neo SPCC to speak at the SmartData 2020 data engineering conference.