For The Win (FTW), a lottery and raffle gaming platform, has released a progress report highlighting progress achieved in recent months. FTW noted improvements to its website layout, game embedding functionality, and smart contract updates.

Platform Updates

The FTW development team is reported to have focused on improving the user experience of its product by making it “look more like other standard websites.” These updates are designed to make FTW easier to use for people who are not familiar with blockchain applications. Such changes include dashboards for game owners and ecosystem maintainers, and webpages to host games.

FTW also explored various methods of embedding games into web and mobile applications. Options include embedding via iframes, hosting through GitHub pages, or building a full-stack app using MeteorJS.

Finally, FTW noted it is currently working on its lottery, raffle, and PvP betting platform smart contracts. These contracts are aided by the FTX token smart contract, which supports a transfer method that allows it to be used for payment by other smart contracts.

The team is also paying close attention to progress of the MainNet upgrade to NEO3, tentatively scheduled for launch in Q2 of 2020, as fee changes may impact the FTW ecosystem.

The full For The Win announcement can be found at the link below: