The NEO Foundation (NF) published a draft financial report, which noted the distribution and usage of NEO and GAS, alongside details on other investments and assets managed by the NF. The report is noted to be accurate as of May 11th, 2019, with a full version noted to be released by August 31st, 2019.

NEO Global Development (NGD) announced Phase One of its EcoBoost program, which aims to support and encourage the growth of entities within the NEO ecosystem. The EcoBoost program is noted to focus on seed project activation, dApp growth support, infrastructure development, and institutional collaboration—to build out the NEO ecosystem. The First EcoBoost Phase aims to recruit official “EcoBoost partners,” who are intended to provide a network of support to projects in the NEO ecosystem. Partners that NGD has acknowledged as appropriate include media outlets, wallet providers, dApp directory and review platforms, and large-scale institutions.

NGD announced the SimplePolicy plugin, responsible for filtering invalid transactions according to the network fee policy, is now mandatory. All entities that operate neo-cli nodes, such as developers, exchanges, explorers, and applications, are encouraged to update to the latest node version, v2.10.2, and to ensure that the SimplePolicy plugin is correctly installed.

NGD and Liquefy have entered into a partnership, with NGD investing into the Hong Kong-based firm specializing in digitization of assets and digital securities. According to Liquefy, its platform “enables digitization of assets such as private companies, public shares, funds, real estates and any other assets using blockchain technology.” The two aim to develop a “NEO based security token ecosystem” with tokenized securities issued on the NEO blockchain. NGD’s partnership and investment into Liquefy have come at a time when both groups are exploring global securities compliance.

Harry Pierson officially joined the NGD Seattle office as chief architect following a career that spanned over 20 years with Microsoft.

NNT Catch Up

NEO core developer, Jeff Solinksy, posted an overview of NEO’s consensus mechanism improvements after delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) 2.0 was rolled out to MainNet as part of the changes included in neo-cli v2.10.2. Solinsky began by explaining the essential workings of NEO’s dBFT and concluded by discussing how the NEO network has become viable for usage as a point of sale solution.

Trinity Protocol’s founder, David Li, participated in a community Ask Me Anything (AMA), which covered a range of topics, including development progress, the NEO blockchain, and Li’s perspectives on the cryptocurrency market.

Guardian Circle released an update acknowledging and apologizing for recent minimal communications. The update explains the delay in the launch of Guardian Circle 3.0, discusses current financial standing, and highlights dApp user statistics.

Jarvis+ announced a partnership with TrueChain, a smart contract platform. As part of the partnership, TrueChain is using Jarvis+’s Intelligent Community Platform (ICP) for a Telegram bounty campaign that is currently underway. According to Tory Xu, a contributor to the Jarvis+ project, this is just one example of how the two entities will coordinate with one another in the partnership.

QLC Chain launched its QLC token staking mechanism, which is the result of a cross-chain interoperable protocol developed in coordination with the NGD team. At the time of press, over 35 million QLC had been staked. In addition to the staking statistics, QLC Chain attended the IEEE workshop at Hong Kong Baptist University and the Telco Blockchain Forum in London.


June 10th, O3 Labs announced the integration of Coinbase Connect into v2.4.0 of its desktop wallet. Upon implementation, O3 users will be able to interact with their Coinbase accounts to purchase supported cryptocurrencies from their bank accounts, which may then be used for fee-free purchases on O3 Pay-enabled dApps such as O3 Swap. By implementing Coinbase into its wallet applications, O3 has introduced ‘Phase 2’ of its fiat gateway mechanism.

June 10th, Endorsit released its weekly report, which highlighted progress on the Android, iOS, and web versions of its dApp. Further, the second phase of incentive activities will extend into mid-June. Endorsit also stated that the first batch of rewards for the second phase has been “roughly distributed.”

June 11th, O3 Labs introduced the neod network, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service that aims to offer “a secure, fast, reliable and scalable gateway to the NEO network.” The ultimate goal of the service is to allow dApp developers to focus on building their product, “rather than knowing the ins and outs of blockchain technology.” An official launch date has yet to be announced, although pricing is already available.

June 12th, Nash Exchange announced its user referral program will be extended to December 26th, 2019 to realign marketing objectives with its original launch strategy. Nash will also continue its quarterly report event tradition with the Q2 2019 event to be held in Boston, Massachusetts on July 27th, 2019.

June 12th, Bridge Protocol held an AMA on the Bridge subreddit. Topics of discussion included BRDG use case scenarios, on-boarding clients, and token liquidity.

June 14th, Trinity released its bi-weekly report, which highlights solving the TCP transmission of sticky package processing issue, completion of the transaction messages verification process, and the testing of RSMC transactions.

June 14th, the deadline for submissions to the nOS ID Developer Competition took place at 11:59 pm (UTC). Participants are competing to split a pool of 275,000 NOS.

June 14th, Aphelion founder, Ian Holtz, released an update citing the company has identified “several paths forward.” Concerning funding, Holtz stated the team is “looking at additional listing options that will bring [Aphelion] back into the mainstream and bring volume back to trading.”

June 15th, Jarvis+ announced the completion of reward distribution for the group quiz game on the Jarvis+ Global channel beginning June 17th, 2019.

June 16th, Narrative distributed its first rewards payout, which consisted of 2,508,982 Reward Points (estimated value of approximately US $29,000 at time of NNT coverage). Although the rewards distribution took place on June 13th, 2019, redemptions of NRVE will be delayed until July 2019, to allow time for identifying any bugs in the payout system.


June 18th: NEO Colorado and NEO•ONE workshop – Denver, US.

June 24th – 25th: NGD and neow3j at Crypto Valley Conference – Zug, CH.

July 10th & 11th: NEO ecosystem at Barcelona Trading Conference – Barcelona, ES.