NEO Global Development (NGD) has announced Phase One of its EcoBoost program, which aims to support and encourage the growth of entities within the NEO ecosystem. The US$100m EcoBoost fund was originally unveiled by Da Hongfei at Consensus 2019 in New York.

The EcoBoost program is noted to be focused on seed project activation, dApp growth support, infrastructure development, and institutional collaboration—with the goal of building out the NEO ecosystem. While outlining the program, Da Hongfei commented: “Without an ecosystem—blockchain—you can say it’s useless. It’s just a bunch of technology.”

Phase One

EcoBoost will roll out in a series of phases, the first of which is focused on the recruitment of official “EcoBoost partners.” These partners are intended to provide a network of support to projects in the NEO ecosystem.

Although financial support is noted to be a core part of the EcoBoost program, the partner program is aimed at bringing additional value, including publicity, market exposure, technical support, and stimulation of liquidity.

In return, EcoBoost partners will receive support from NGD and gain broader access to the NEO network and its community. By establishing long-term partnerships, NGD hopes to escalate the growth of the NEO ecosystem, allowing it to deliver on its ambition of the Smart Economy.

Partners that NGD has acknowledged as appropriate for Phase One of EcoBoost include media outlets, wallet providers, dApp directory and review platforms, and large-scale institutions such as exchanges or Universities.

Entities that are interested in building a relationship with NEO as a long-term partner are recommended to contact for more information.

Phase Two

Following the acquisition of new support infrastructure via EcoBoost partners in Phase One, NGD will officially launch the EcoBoost program’s second phase.

In Phase Two, NGD will move to publicly recruit teams that are building projects such as dApps, developer tools, or providing public infrastructure for the NEO network.

It has been previously noted that the fund will remain available to projects regardless of which stage of their life cycle they are in. This means projects that are in seed phase, mid-development, or have entered maturity are all potential candidates for EcoBoost support.

More information on the EcoBoost fund and program may be found here.