Forthewin Network recently launched a new website with a NEP-17 token generator (FTW Smith), a page to mint FTW Rune NFTs, and has plans to add a third dApp to the site (GAS-FI). Additionally, the project’s Legacy NEP-5 FTX tokens can now be migrated to N3, where they will have the ticker symbol FTW.

For The Win is developed and maintained by a Neo community developer who goes by Ed. Ed first joined the Neo ecosystem in 2018 with his decentralized lottery and raffle application. However, For The Win’s dApp development on Legacy stalled shortly after Neo N3 was announced in Q1 2019. In a conversation with Neo News Today, Ed noted that he’ll build on For The Win’s Neo Legacy contracts for the Rune NFT’s and Smith dApp.

FTW Rune

FTW Rune is an algorithmically generated NFT created and stored onchain in a truly decentralized manner. The .svg image of the FTW Rune NFT is kept in Base64 mime type within smart contract storage. This method removes any dependency on a centralized or impermanent host on HTTP or IPFS. Anyone can grab the Base64 form of the SVG file from the contract storage, decode the Base64, and view the SVG file in an image viewer, editor, or browser.

Source: Forthewin Network

The NFT is intended to be used in an upcoming GameFi smart contract where FTW Rune can be used to compete in tournaments. FTW Rune’s total supply is 500 with a mint cost of 10 GAS per NFT.

FTW Rune was modeled off the Wuxing philosophy, which comprises five phases (i.e., wood, fire, water, metal, and earth). These phases interact, harming some while benefiting others. For example, water is destructive for fire and generative for wood.

Each FTW Rune NFT has two attributes: phase and luck. The phases are dark, light, fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. The luck attribute is a random number between 1 and 10. These attributes will be used in upcoming tournament play.

Ed’s vision for the tournament is to have observers place bets on players that enter the game with using FTW Rune NFT’s. The winning FTW Rune NFT and those who bet on it will split rewards from the prize pool.

Looking forward, the goal for FTW Rune is to integrate with Neo ecosystem dApps and offer more functionality for the NFT.

FTW Smith

The FTW Smith dApp allows users to mint NEP-17 tokens at a deploy fee of 10 GAS coupled with a mint fee of 1 GAS. Ed envisions a couple of potential use cases for FTW Smith, including fundraising.

Source: Forthewin.Network

Currently, when minting a NEP-17 token through Smith, the following information is required: token name, symbol, decimals, total supply, author, and description of the NEP-17 token.


In Forthewin Network’s planned third dApp, GAS-FI, users will be able to stake NEO in a contract in return for a chance to win GAS or FTW tokens.

The contract will draw winners from the playing positions, when a snapshot is taken at various random intervals. The winners will share from the pool of GAS distributions from the staked NEO. Those who don’t win the draw will receive FTW tokens as a consolation.

The smart contract for GAS-FI is currently under review, but interested users can try the dApp on the TestNet setting of the Forthewin Network website.

The For The Win dApps can be accessed at the link below: