TOTHEMOON is airdropping a total of 10 TTM Item NFTs, one second generation Moon Creature, 8,000 TTM tokens, and 2,000 CANDY tokens to users for each first generation Moon Creature NFT held. Airdrops will be distributed over a period of several months, coinciding with “Moon Phases.”

CANDY tokens

The first airdrop to occur will be CANDY tokens, in partnership with Neo Candy. As previously announced, Moon Creature token holders will receive 2,000 CANDY for each NFT held in their wallet at the snapshot time of 8:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Dec. 30. Users with NFTs listed on a marketplace will need to delist before the snapshot to be eligible to receive the airdrop.

Moon Baby holders are also eligible to receive 10,000 CANDY tokens per NFT under the same conditions.

TTM game assets

TTM game asset airdrops will begin with the distribution of five TTM Item NFTs for each Moon Creature held in a user’s wallet. The airdrop will occur prior to start of the second Moon Phase known as “Waxing Crescent,” scheduled to begin in approximately 45 – 60 days.

At the beginning of the Waxing Crescent, under the condition that the whole first-gen Moon Creature supply has been minted, Moon Creature NFT holders will receive a random second-gen Moon Creature for each first-gen creature held.

Cycle 1 Moon Phases. Source: TOTHEMOON

Between Waxing Crescent and the start of the third Moon Phase, known as “First Quarter,” four 1,000 TTM airdrops will be distributed each to holders of first and second-gen Moon Creatures. Essentially, this means that a first-gen Moon Creature holder will be eligible to receive a total of 8,000 TTM tokens following the receipt of their second-gen creature (4,000 for the first-gen, and 4,000 for the second-gen).

Finally, before the start of First Quarter, five more TTM Item NFTs will be distributed to users for each second-gen Moon Creature held.

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3, where collectors engage with a moon-themed metaverse. The TTM team aims to establish this metaverse by layering and integrating NFTs in a way that establishes a thriving supply and demand economy.

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