TOTHEMOON is teaming up with Neo Candy to conduct a CANDY airdrop and has launched a showcase feature for Moon Creatures. Additionally, Mercurial Apps launched a TTM NFT tracker for users to sift through minted Character type NFTs according to their traits.

CANDY is a community token designed to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem. The goal for the token is to grow the Neo community through supporting various projects. TTM will be distributing approximately 11 million CANDY to wallets that hold Moon Baby and Moon Creature NFTs.

10,000 CANDY will be distributed for each Moon Baby and 2,000 CANDY for each Moon Creature held in wallets at the time of the snapshot.

The snapshot will take place at 8:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Dec. 30. Users with NFTs listed on a marketplace will need to delist at the time of snapshot to be eligible to receive the airdrop.

Moon Creature showcase

With its fourth and final Character type NFT mint, TTM launched its Moon Creature showcase. The showcase serves as a landing spot for users to view the initial 50 Moon Creatures with 2D animations.

Moon Creature Showcase. Source

TTM began minting its Character type NFTs on Thursday, Dec. 16. All Moon Baby and Moon Trainer NFTs were sold within the first minute, and all Cryptonaut NFTs sold within the first six hours.

At the time of press, the Moon Creature NFT minting is still live, with each new Creature carrying a cost of 10 GAS (plus fees) to mint.

Looking forward, the team intends to integrate Moon Babies, Moon Trainers, and Cryptonauts into the showcase portion of the website.

TTM NFT tracker

Grassroots developer Mercurial Apps released a TTM NFT tracker, its fourth application alongside the Neoverse NFT tracker, Humswap NFT tracker, and the N3 Trader.

The TTM NFT tracker allows visitors to browse the total supply of Moon Babies, Moon Trainers, Cryptonauts, and Moon Creatures. Users can also filter by characters, traits, origin, and points, and see the number of unique owners of each NFT type.

More information about the CANDY airdrop can be found at the link below: