Following the successful deployment of Neo-CLI v3.1.0 on the N3 TestNet, preparations for the MainNet upgrade are now underway. The upgrade is scheduled to occur at 08:00 a.m. (UTC) on Dec. 21.

Users that run nodes on the Neo N3 MainNet are advised to upgrade at their earliest convenience. Since v3.1.0 is based on .NET 6.0, the latest framework version in LTS, upgrading the installed .NET SDK version may be necessary to run the node.

The new version includes the new Rules witness scope, allowing for more flexibility when constraining transaction signature usage, alongside a range of optimizations intended to improve sync speed and TPS.

v3.1.0 is also the first version with a NEP-11 token tracker, which is available within the TokensTracker plugin alongside the NEP-17 tracker.

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