The Neo Foundation introduced three new grant programs to attract experienced developers and researchers to the Neo blockchain. The new initiatives target the areas of research, tooling, and core development, adding to a total of six support tracks backed by a combined US $200 million treasury. Interested parties are recommended to explore the page to find the most appropriate support track. In the short-term, the NF has also noted that priority will be given to project submissions centered on applications for the built-in oracle, NeoFS, and NeoID.

Neo hosted a live Metathon Discover chat session with the co-founder of the Metaverse Alliance, Johanna, on Monday, Dec. 13. During the event, Johanna discussed her background, the ongoing Metathon, the overarching mission of the Metaverse Alliance, and responded to other inquiries from the Neo community.

AxLabs engineer Claude Müller joined the Neo DevLog sessions on Thursday, Dec. 16. During the session, Müller delivered a Generic Governance demo and shared his development perspectives with the Neo community.

Tyler Adams, COZ co-founder and CEO, and James Weybourne, COZ lead product designer, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Wednesday, Dec. 15. In the AMA, Adams and Weybourne discussed a brief overview of how COZ operates in the Neo ecosystem, creating a brand identity, working alongside Neo Global Development, current and upcoming products, and participating in N3 governance.

Developer Groups

NGD Enterprise released a version of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit that is in parity with Neo-CLI v3.1. The releases were published on GitHub, CLI tools and managed libraries on Nuget, and the VSCode extensions on the VSCode marketplace.

Neo SPCC released an article about multi-signature transactions with a notary subsystem, which outlined how multiple keys can be used to perform tasks that need to be jointly conducted by various entities. The notary subsystem has been implemented in NeoGo, but it is still proposed for integration with the core Neo protocol.


Dec. 13, Flamingo began minting the FLM token at a 50/50 rate across the Neo Legacy and N3 networks. The team also announced it is participating in two ongoing community competitions within the Neo ecosystem – one with GhostMarket and the other with the Neospective campaign.

Dec. 13, Switcheo Labs released its monthly report for Nov. 2021, which noted the migration to the Carbon standalone blockchain, handling more than 52,000 cross-chain transactions since migration, and more.

Dec. 13, Rentfuse released a roadmap that noted contract deployment on N3 TestNet and an upcoming whitepaper release in Dec. 2021. In Q1 2022, the team intends to launch its contracts on MainNet, release the first series of “Rentfused” NFTs, and launch a web application.

Dec. 13, Flamingo announced a trading contest for users who buy or sell NFTs using FLM as a currency on GhostMarket. The snapshot will be taken at 10:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, Dec. 27, and four winners will share from a pool of 1,000 FLM.

Dec. 14, NeoBurger released a list of wallet addresses that will receive the first NoBug governance token airdrop, and how much they will receive. The team intends to conduct the airdrop the week of Monday, Dec. 20.

Dec. 14, Nash announced it is adding new utility to the NEX token and updating its profit-sharing model. The NEX token will still maintain its original functionality, sharing revenue from Nash’s exchange. However, staking will no longer be necessary for NEX token holders to benefit from Nash’s rewards. Other tentative uses for the NEX token include fee reductions on the Nash fiat gateway and increased cashback (paid in cryptocurrency) on the Nash debit card.

Dec. 14, GhostMarket founder and CEO Vincent Geneste joined the CryptoStache podcast to talk about the multi-chain NFT platform, planned support for new chains, plans for the GM token, and more.

Dec. 15, Humswap announced a Lucky Tiger NFT airdrop event, tentatively slated to occur in Q1 2022. Recognizing the upcoming Chinese zodiac Year of the Tiger, BOWL owners will receive hóngbāo envelope airdrops that can be used to mint Lucky Tigers. Users will receive one envelope for each BOWL they own.

Dec. 16, TOTHEMOON launched its Character type NFT minting with the availability of its Moon Babies, which sold out in under a minute. One hundred Moon Babies were available at the cost of 50 GAS each. TTM also began an Item NFT airdrop to all Neo users who purchased a Neoverse blindbox during its initial mint.

Dec. 17, TOTHEMOON sold out its Moon Trainer NFT mint in less than one minute. Each Moon Trainer cost 25 GAS to mint.

Dec. 18, TOTHEMOON sold out its Cryptonaut NFT mint at approximately 3:00 a.m. (UTC) on Dec. 19, seven hours after the mint started. Each Cryptonaut NFT carred a cost of 10 GAS.

Dec. 18, Neo Candy announced a 5,000 CANDY giveaway to participants that follow the Neo Market Cap and NekoHit Twitter accounts, and tagged three friends in a reTweet. CANDY is a community token designed to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem.

Dec. 18, Humswap distributed its CANDY airdrop to BOWL and Neoverse Series NFT holders.

Dec. 19, TOTHEMOON began its fourth and final Character type NFT mint of its Moon Creatures. There is a total supply of 5,000 Creature NFTs, each carrying a mint cost of 10 GAS.

Dec. 19, TOTHEMOON announced it is conducting an airdrop in collaboration with Neo Candy, where TTM will airdrop approximately 11 million CANDY to NFT holders. The snapshot will be taken at 8:00 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Dec. 30.