Humswap announced a Lucky Tiger NFT airdrop event, tentatively slated to occur in Q1 2022. Recognizing the upcoming Chinese zodiac Year of the Tiger, BOWL owners will receive hóngbāo envelope airdrops that can be used to mint Lucky Tigers. Users will receive one envelope for each BOWL they own.

The Lucky Tiger minting process will resemble the mechanics used to mint Neoverse Series NFTs. Participants will need to combine different envelopes to mint one of three Lucky Tigers. At the time of press, the team is still determining the number of types of hóngbāo envelopes.

The varying tiger rarities include:

  • Lucky Tiger: guaranteed mint
  • Lucky White Tiger: rare mint
  • Lucky Golden Tiger: legendary mint

Lucky Tiger poster. Source: Humswap

Humswap indicated that BOWLs that belong to the Lucky collection may be advantageous to participants seeking to obtain a Lucky Golden Tiger. Further, Lucky Golden Tiger NFT holders will receive a mystery airdrop from Neo Global Development in 2022.

The Humswap team will release further information about the hóngbāo envelope snapshot soon. The Humswap team also alluded to future events for BOWL holders in Q1 2022, though no additional information is currently available.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: