TOTHEMOON opened its Character type NFT minting on Dec. 16 with the availability of its Moon Babies, which sold out in under a minute. 100 Moon Babies were available at a cost of 50 GAS each.

The sale went live shortly after 8:00 p.m. (UTC). Users were only able to purchase one NFT per transaction, with a maximum of four NFTs allowed to be purchased per wallet.

Shortly after the sale, TTM opened its Market, allowing users to buy and sell its NFTs. GhostMarket also made TTM NFT trading available, although the TTM team has indicated intent for its NFTs to be traded exclusively on its in-house marketplace.

TTM will be opening several additional Character type NFT sales over the next three days, each opening at 8:00 p.m. (UTC):

  • Dec. 17 – Moon Trainer: 200 NFTs at 25 GAS each
  • Dec. 18 – Cryptonaut: 2,500 NFTs at 10 GAS each
  • Dec. 19 – Moon Creature: 5,000 NFTs at 10 GAS each

Item Airdrop

TTM also began an Item NFT airdrop to all Neo users who purchased a Neoverse blindbox during its initial mint. 319 TTM game Items were airdropped on Dec. 16, with a second and third Item to be distributed to each recipient over the next two days.

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3, where collectors engage with a moon-themed metaverse. The TTM team aims to establish this metaverse by layering and integrating NFTs in a way that establishes a thriving supply and demand economy.