For The Win (FTW) has integrated its lottery and raffle game service into the nOS platform. Users with a nOS account can access the games directly from within the nOS application. The integration with the nOS platform follows integration with the O3 Wallet in the week prior.

Upon launching the nOS application, users can go to via the in-app web browser and select which game they’d like to play.

The user then chooses a wallet to connect with, which can include a newly generated wallet, an imported wallet, a nOS wallet, or an O3 Wallet.

To participate in the lottery or raffle, users can purchase tickets with FTX, CNEO, and CGAS.

Note: There are geographic restrictions as to who may participate in FTW’s lottery and raffles. For example, residents of the United States are unable to participate.

Looking forward, FTW aims to host raffle events with CNEO for reward distribution.

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