The network marketing platform, Gagapay, has recently announced the rebranding of its platform to Network GURU. The team announced the rebranding over Twitter on August 9th, noting the start of the migration process over to the new web domain

Network GURU’s goal is to become a smart marketing tool that will allow companies to run their own affiliate, referral, loyalty, bounty or other marketing campaigns, all within a single smart marketing interface. Network GURU also aims to create an open marketplace where brands can be matched with ideal marketers.

Rautis Kaucis, CEO of Network GURU, mentioned this as the core reason for the rebrand: “We felt that the name of the platform needed to reflect the main function of the platform, which is reaching company and individual success via building networks.”

He went on to explain the advantages offered by blockchain in the marketing industry: “We strongly believe that crypto will make financial freedom a reality for individuals as well. Which is why the open marketplace will allow individuals to join the best offers and accelerate their income growth.”

The use of NEO smart contracts is designed to resolve trust issues regarding campaign reward distribution, to increase cost-efficiency, and to securely store affiliate hierarchy tree data on a private blockchain that can be audited via NEO’s public ledger. Network GURU opted to use NEO over Ethereum in order to gain access to regulatory-compliant features through digital identity, and to leverage the improved scalability.

In addition to the rebranding news, on August 10th the LATOKEN exchange announced the listing of Network GURU’s native GTA token, trading with ETH and LA pairs. Trading is now live and can be found here.

More information on Network Guru can be found at the links below.