Ryu Coin, a wagering platform on NEO that allows players to bet on themselves in games of skill, has recently launched its beta on the NEO TestNet. The launch was announced alongside Ryu Coin’s submission to the neo.game development competition, featuring a test game called Slime Soccer. The Ryu Coin team also created a short video explanation of the platform, which also demonstrates how a user can get started.

Ryu Coin CEO, Ross Krasner, shared his excitement at the launch: “We’re thrilled to release our beta version of the Ryu Ecosystem. Our platform, combined with existing and upcoming relationships with game developers, will bring NEO to a large new audience. We’re bringing the smart economy to gamers.”

He continued: “We’re also thrilled that our launch coincides with the NEO Game competition. It’s great to see the NEO ecosystem emerge as a leader at the intersection of gaming and blockchain.”

Slime Soccer is a simple sports game that runs on iOS and is downloadable from the iTunes store. As part of the beta announcement, Ryu Coin CTO, Wyatt Mufson, added a 5-step guide on how to play:

  1. Create a NEO Wallet and switch it to TestNet.
  2. Fill out the beta access form with your NEO public address to receive TestNet RYU
  3. Download the Home Base app from the release section on Github.
  4. Deposit some RYU to the Home Base App from the NEO wallet. At least 5 RYU is required to be able to play a game of Slime Soccer.
  5. Head to “Ryu Match” within the Slime Soccer app, and click join from within the Home Base App. After being matched with another player, the game will begin.

All wagers and matches are handled using the alpha version of the Ryu Vault smart contract. The Vault handles deposits and withdrawals of Ryu Coin, settles bets, and also handles disputes. Instead of accessing the Ryu Vault contract directly, players will interact with it via the Home Base app, where they can deposit funds and withdraw them to the Vault.

The Home Base app was created to allow for a smoother user experience, and also acts as a two-factor authentication app to ensure the security of funds. More information on the Ryu Vault and Home Base app can be found in the whitepaper here.

During the beta release, wagering will only be available on Slime Soccer. Following the MainNet launch, which is planned for Q4 2018, Ryu Coin intends to integrate with other games created by partnered game developers. A full list of games can be found on the Ryu Coin website.

More information on Ryu Coin can be found at the links below.