The GrantShares web dApp has been updated with support for additional proposal types and a new treasury page to show funds and allocations. The project’s maintainer AxLabs released a Twitter thread walking through the new improvements.

The proposal type option provides new options and possibilities beyond the previous Request For Funding proposals. Proposals may now be submitted to directly manage the DAO by modifying treasury sponsors, DAO members, supported tokens, and more.

Another feature that impacts the proposal creation process is the new Related Proposal option, intended to help proposals include context from past discussions or proposals. For example, if a proposal was closed but planned to be resubmitted following the discussion stage, the new proposal should declare the original as a related proposal.

Finally, the GrantShares dApp was updated with a Treasury tab. This page provides a transparent view of GrantShares’ funding situation, including available and allocated funds with token breakdowns. Treasury deposits and allocations for proposals are listed.

GrantShares is a community funding platform that launched in June, 2022. Community members can use GrantShares to submit funding requests or DAO management proposals to be voted on by DAO members. The platform is designed to enhance the growth of the Neo ecosystem through various avenues and has distributed US $90,723.54 in funding to date.

Users can explore the new features via the web dApp at the link below: