UFO Gaming CEO UFoger and community rep Ace recently joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the team’s upcoming gaming platform. Participants in the AMA were eligible to earn one of ten spots to access the alpha version of the studio’s debut game, Super Galactic.

The UFO Gaming team aims to create an interactive environment with play-to-earn games, NFT marketplaces, and other blockchain-related features. UFO Gaming will offer support for transferring in-game assets (represented as NFTs) across games. The platform will also incorporate DAO governance and offer IDOs for gaming projects.

In the AMA, the team discussed the history of UFO Gaming and the team’s background, an overview of the gaming and NFT platform, the upcoming launch of its first game, plans to build an independent game on Neo, the ecosystem’s multi-token model, the tokens’ use cases, and more.

The full transcript is below:

Riley (Neo Telegram admin): Today’s guests are UFoger, CEO, and Ace, UFO Navigator. UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing.

Ace is an integral part of UFO Gaming, handling everything from partnerships to organizational structure and calls. UFO Gaming is a community-owned project, and Ace is a perfect example as someone who was part of the community and stepped up to take a significant factor in steering the course.

Ace (UFO Gaming Community Representative): Hi Riley, thanks for having us and its great to see so many of UFO community members here as well as meeting the Neo community.

UFoger (UFO Gaming CEO): Hey Riley, a pleasure to be here! Thanks for having us. I’ll let Mr. Ace answer the first question.

Q1: What is UFO Gaming’s background and origin story?

Ace: As for the backstory of UFO, we made it with the intention of a fair launch. The project was deployed with our team of experienced developers, marketers, and project managers by burning 50% of the initial supply and releasing the rest on Uniswap to ensure we’re a fully community-owned project.

Coming from a gaming background, we were excited to unleash the power of the blockchain upon the gaming industry as we saw the game in the Play to Earn gaming market, where players can earn crypto while playing and have ownership of their in-game items.

We rebranded from ‘The Truth’ to ‘UFO Gaming’ and embedded ourselves as one of the pioneers of play-to-earn gaming in the space.

UFO Gaming has been in the works for several years with the team assembly and game development, but we chose to bring it all together for a well-timed launch in the first half of 2021.

Q2: Could you give a high-level overview of what the project entails? What sets you apart?

UFoger: Let’s start with our vision and community-first approach. We have a community-focused approach with everything we do.

We are building a decentralized gaming platform where users can choose their favorite genre to earn. Additionally, asset ownership is fully determined by the users (an important one) and gaming assets that are not isolated to one specific game. They can be transferred from one platform to another (hence, why crypto is crucial) and, of course, a play-to-earn gaming economy that is transparent and sustainable. In short, below are some bullet points, I’d like to use to summarize UFO Gaming within these aspects:

  • Community-focused
  • Secure and safe audited from Hacken
  • Future DAO governance
  • Complex NFT- and tokenomics system
  • Super Galactic, debut p2e game
  • Future Gaming IDO
  • In-game assets as NFTs (weapons, armor, loot boxes)
  • Characters as NFTs (different levels based on Power Score)
  • Power Score (the more you play, and upgrade – the higher mission levels unlocked, giving you the ability to earn UAP)
  • Play against your friends or enemies with PVP – earn crypto rewards.
  • A multi-token system that promotes $UFO usage and does not cause inflation to the native UFO token
  • Breeding (breed characters to create stronger characters)
  • NFT marketplace (to exchange assets in-game)

UFO Gaming will be a platform that will launch your favorite p2e games. Think Steam of Crypto, eventually.

There indeed are many layers to the UFO ecosystem and vision. Still, to put it simply, UFO Gaming has always wanted to combine a fair, community-focused project with the overarching goal of dominating and blossoming the blockchain gaming industry.

The potential of cryptocurrency and gaming is massive, and according to the revenue- and earning statistics statista.com, it has only reached its very inception.

Gaming is big. It is a vast umbrella industry that contains sub-industries like streaming, eSports, and different platforms. The numbers are mind-blowing. Global Games Market to generate $175.8 Billion in 2021, and it is on track to surpass $200 Billion by 2023.

Couple that with crypto, and you can see the potential that we aim to reach. Crypto has seen unprecedented growth since 2011. In 2017, crypto’s market cap went from $18 billion to over $600 billion. It currently sits at over $1 trillion.

GameFi, p2e, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are our main focus among the markets we seek to dominate. However, we are also branching out to eSports and other sub-markets in those overarching markets.

Those are a multitude of things that sets us apart. But I’d like to emphasize that we truly are a community-focused project. This can directly be tied back to our inception, where we introduced our token in the fairest way possible – on the open market, available for anyone to buy. Additionally, we are building on that vision through our products.

Ace: Well said, UFoger, to add to your point on us building on the vision through the following products.

Staking dApp: Initially, we planned on just giving stakers Plasma Points (used to mint free genesis NFTs to play our debut game Super Galactic), but we decided to add some UFO rewards from our team wallets, community, and partner contributions as a bonus for our UFO Army.

Fair Launch NFTs: We’ll release the playable Genesis NFTs that can be minted for free using Plasma Points to play Super Galactic, also making them a fair launch.

The UFO Gaming platform aims to set the p2e and crypto gaming standard, becoming a bridge while offering several genres for our users to choose. An analogy/comparison we like is becoming the ‘Steam’ of crypto gaming.

Q3: How strong is your community, and what role do they play in building the ecosystem?

Ace: As a community-owned project, our community is what drives us forward and is our most valuable stakeholder. The UFO Army is what motivates our team, drives our player growth, and spreads the word about our endeavors.

The community sees and appreciates our overarching vision and goal for UFO and supports us through the good and bad times. I’ve never seen a more dedicated community wanting to see us meet our ambitious goals.

We take all community feedback we receive regarding our game development and features. Still, in the future, we want to take this to the next level and move towards more of a DAO structure. This structure will give our community the ability to vote on the big decisions and future of the project and contribute to the achievements of UFO Gaming as a community. This is being mapped out as we speak (type).

Q4: Your debut game is called Super Galactic. What do you think will interest players and gamers most about the game? Does UFO Gaming intend to launch any other games?

UFoger: Have you ever fantasized about earning crypto or making money by playing video games? I believe the answer to that question is evident to most of us computer-dwellers.

However, this will not be sufficient on a long-term and continuous basis. How about making money while playing, having fun while playing, and having the opportunity to play with your friends? That sums up Super Galactic well.

Sadly, the manner of earning while playing is mainly reserved for streamers, eSport players, and other professional gamers. Crypto is balancing this playfield. And we seek to do that with our platform. First step? Super Galactic.

Super Galactic is a fast-paced, ARG, shooter, and multiplayer game that allows for single-player, PVE co-op, or/and PVP gameplay. Users will have a complex rarity and item system that allows for a certain amount of gamification. But don’t take our word for it. We already have 1,565 alpha testers playing!

However, the Beta version, which we will officially announce soon, will include a deeper interaction with Web 3.0, giving you an insight and feel as to how the full version will be.

It is the first step toward constructing a gaming paradise—our own Dark Metaverse.

The Dark Metaverse and the UFO Gaming platform will serve as a growing center for our gamified ecosystem. This will not be restricted to our own innovations alone. Consider; Gaming IDO. Collaborations with existing games.

To answer your second question, Super Galactic will be our first of many games ahead. Think of UFO Gaming as the “Steam” platform of crypto. We will launch several games in the future and aim to be the hub for p2e games – allowing users to choose their most fun game to earn crypto.

For example, as announced with our Neo EcoBoost partnership, our third game will be on your blockchain.

Ace: I think we stand out by learning from the mistakes or issues that other p2e games face and ensuring we build our game economy to be organic and healthy. For crypto gaming to succeed and become the future, we need to move away from some p2e models operating as Ponzi schemes. This vision determines why we spend so much time and effort developing a healthy game economy that can withstand any market condition and has long-lasting capabilities.

The other way we stand out is through our community-focused model and future DAO system, giving power and voting rights to players. In addition, we give players ownership of their in-game assets, which they can display within our Dark Metaverse and perhaps even use in future games, one of which will be on Neo.

Q5: Can you give us more details on how the ecosystem will function? For example the game, dApp, and NFT marketplace interaction. How will that work?

UFoger: The UFO Gaming staking dApp is live at https://staking.ufogaming.io/ – this is the first step or phase towards releasing our debut game, Super Galactic, and initiating the p2e economy. This is done by users earning Plasma Points, which can be spent to mint Genesis NFT (once minting is live, which it is not yet!)

The game will have something we like to call a “Closed-Loop Value Architecture.”

Super Galactic’s economy will revolve around fights, daily quests, and breeding. In addition, PVP and PVE co-op will be available (PVP is already live on our Alpha, which 1,565 people play!)

To play, players must hold an UFOep NFT. As mentioned, you can only earn these through our fair launch by earning Plasma Points. However, users will also be able to buy them on the open market if someone chooses to sell them on our NFT Marketplace.

Players earn UAP tokens for completing missions and daily quests. The game includes a Power Score system that awards the players. The closed-loop ecosystem contains three types of interaction: Players, UFOeps (NFTs), and core tokens (UFO, UAP, and Plasma Point).

You can imagine that two loops reflect the network’s value consumption and production aspects. The outer loop would represent consumers entering the ecosystem by obtaining UFO tokens. They then interact with the network to spend Plasma Points to mint new NFTs for themselves or UFO and UAP tokens to breed them to beta and alpha UFOeps.

Through our marketplace, users will be able to discover, mint, collect, and sell UFO Gaming NFTs. This will be one of the primary Web 3.0 product hubs, where the dApp, minting sections, marketplace, avatar portals, and major products will be gathered.

Additionally, users will be able to claim UAP rewards, upgrade their character, buy weapons, buy NFTs, trade assets, and utilize our NFT Marketplace as an interconnected hub with the game itself. This is also a reflection of our future games.

Q6: How does UFO Gaming view its partnership with Neo Global Development?

Ace: We don’t believe in announcing partnerships for the sake of it, as I see frequently happening in the crypto world. We always put a clear collaboration plan and formal agreement in place on how we will work with partners and what we will be building together.

We see a long-term collaboration with Neo, starting with a game launch on the blockchain alongside NFTs, potential Metaverse integration, and more.

We love the strength of the Neo community, and the feedback from the UFO Army has been extremely positive on the partnership, which makes us want to collaborate with Neo further. I think there are big things to come from both projects over the coming years, and we’re excited to see where this partnership will lead and what we can achieve together.

Q7: Will UFO Gaming offer multiplayer games?

Ace: Community members love to play and interact with one another. We want both the UFO Army and Neo community to join forces and enjoy the world of p2e gaming together, so this is the plan.

Q8: What operating systems will the game support?

Ace: Our debut game Super Galactic will be playable on web browsers, PC, Mac, and Android with the possible addition of iOS.

The game we will build on Neo will be the same and accessible on multiple platforms.

Q9: What are the use cases for the UFO token? How will UFO be used in the game? What benefits will the token holder receive? 

UFoger: Our token(s) have many use cases, and this will only increase with time, as we will be adding several games within our platform and ecosystem in the long run. Players ultimately earn crypto through playing (missions, PVP), breeding and selling NFTs, and exchanging land, accessories, and native tokens.

With a successful platform and several games, our token will also have a more intuitive use case and gain traction.

That is why we emphasize Super Galactic and are actively trying to improve the p2e model.

Super Galactic will (very high-level description) introduce three main elements:

  • The game itself, Super Galactic.
  • Dynamic NFTs to the game with a Power Score system (UFOeps).
  • A multi-token interconnected system (UFO, UAP, and Plasma Points).

The benefit of UFO is that it will become increasingly scarce and deflationary with time as we introduce the marketplace, our game(s), and its closed-loop architectures.

To give you an understanding of the logic:

  • UFO: The primary token in the ecosystem. It will be the connector between everything UFO. For example, to play the first game in the ecosystem, Super Galactic, you will first need to stake UFO or UFO/ETH LP in the staking dApp.
  • Plasma Points: From the staking dApp, you will earn Plasma Points. You will need Plasma Points to buy NFT soldiers (UFOeps) to play the game.
  • UAP: is required to breed soldiers in the game. This can be obtained by completing Super Galactic’s daily quests and missions. Plasma Points will only exist for the express purpose of minting UFOep NFTs for Super Galactic, whereas UFO and UAP can be exchanged on the open market.

Remember that the above is a high-level description of a complex system, but it should explain how we want the system to function.

Q10: What is on UFO Gaming’s roadmap?

UFoger: Quite a lot, actually. We are just getting started. However, non-developers need to know that building an ambitious platform with many games, a staking dApp, and an NFT marketplace takes time. But we will get there, one step, and one release at a time, together with our community.

Below are a few upcoming releases on our pipeline:

  • Super Galactic closed Beta
  • Super Galactic open Beta
  • UFOGEES collection
  • Genesis NFT minting phase
  • UAP (two-token system) launch
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Official Game launch
  • Virtual lands
  • Integrating a new game on the Neo blockchain
  • Beta release of our dark Metaverse

I recommend following our Telegram to keep an eye on our development and future plans!

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