The developers of the upcoming multiplayer open-world action-adventure game Metaisland™ are planning to include Neo alongside other blockchains in its gameplay environment. Within the platform, players will be able to swap the game’s native ISL token between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other chains alongside Neo. Ultimately, the development team intends to support in-game assets and characters represented as NFTs across multiple chains.

In the game, players will roam freely around a series of islands to complete tasks and compete against one another. The game will require users to manage resources, perform quests, and battle with enemies to progress character statistics.

Metaisland is being built by a team of gaming veterans with experience at EA, Ubisoft, SEGA, Nintendo, and others. The developers are prioritizing authentic artwork for the game, and plan to include orchestral music explicitly made for Metaisland.

Source: Metaisland

The game will integrate play-to-earn features that include finding cryptocurrencies while exploring the map, winning quests, renting digital real estate, and more.

Metaisland will have a native token which will serve various utilities. Examples include purchasing in-game items, staking, tipping other users, and governance.

Further, items, characters, and skins will be represented as NFTs, which can be traded through in-game marketplaces. The Metaisland development team intends to support multiple blockchains for storing and using NFTs.

Source: MetaIsland

Metaisland aims to release a demo in Sep. 2022 and launch the game sometime in the next two years. Looking forward, Metaisland founder Nicolas Choukroun said, “I am excited to connect with the Neo community, which has proven to be long-lasting and resilient.”

Meanwhile, the team is also participating in Draper University, a five-week entrepreneurship curriculum for Neo ecosystem projects that includes a pre-accelerator and incubator program. As part of the EcoBoost program, Neo will provide support and incubation opportunities to help Metaisland enter the market.

About EcoBoost

The EcoBoost program launched in 2019, and was initially seeded with US $100 million to focus on recruiting partners. In 2022, the program relaunched with an increased treasury of $200 million and is seeking to assist in onboarding dApps, projects, and teams into the Neo ecosystem. Ultimately, the program is designed to incubate businesses that drive the growth and success of projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

Once onboarded, members can become eligible for lifecycle support, including funding of up to $50,000, technological assistance, community access, marketing support, token listings, stimulation of liquidity, and access to other industry resources. Interested parties can learn more about the application process on Neo’s Eco Support page.

Metaisland joins UFO Gaming, Hacash.Diamonds, and Supernova as the latest entrants into the relaunched EcoBoost program.

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