Over the past months, the GrantShares platform has hosted a range of proposals across the various stages of progression. Recently submitted initiatives span numerous disciplines, with some exploring new application scenarios, while others focus on developer and user onboarding through incentivization schemes and educational tools.

A summary of these proposals can be found below.

Neo N3 developer training program
Status: Delivered

A previous proposal to create a Neo N3 developer training program initiated its soft launch under the name of Linkd Academy. This initiative sought 3,800 NEO to create a Neo development course, including videos, articles, and examples built to onboard new Web3 developers, receiving endorsement from COZ.


Renewed iOS SDK Milestone 2
Status: Delivered

The Renewed iOS SDK project released an update for its second milestone. The milestone focused on the core models, paralleling those found in neow3j, with 1,500 NEO allocated as compensation for the work. GrantShares members have offered feedback on the tool as it has continued to evolve, with several improvements already implemented.


Renewed iOS SDK Milestone 3
Status: Executed

A third and final milestone in the Renewed iOS SDK project was proposed, seeking to build out the contract module, project documentation, and a playground for developer bootstrapping. Requesting 440 NEO, the proposal was put on-chain and later endorsed by NNT. The current working repository may be visited here.


Learn-To-Earn Education bot
Status: Executed

An interactive Discord bot proposal, Learn-to-Earn Education bot by MelkDAO, was put on-chain, endorsed by AxLabs, accepted, and finally executed. With a requested budget of 6,670 GAS, the bot is aimed at providing step-by-step onboarding instructions for the Neo ecosystem. The project will reward users with tokens for completing missions, adding an incentivized element to the onboarding process. The proposal was endorsed by NNT and executed with a single abstain.


Status: Executed

The team behind Pixudi, a board racing game with NeoFS integration, put its proposal on-chain. Though it initially expired, it was later resubmitted, endorsed by NGD, and finally accepted. The team requested 1,355 NEO for development costs and seeks to combine traditional board game mechanics with NFT utility, allowing regular users to tap into the potential of Web3.


GrantShares internal
Status: Executed

In addition to third-party proposals, GrantShares experienced an internal update. A proposal focusing on the removal of an inactive member from GrantShares was put forth, endorsed by Neo SPCC, and executed with a unanimous vote from remaining members. This decision underscored a commitment to improving platform vote dynamics by maintaining an active and representative membership.


Contract audit funding for Battle Hardened
Status: Time lock

The proposal Audit funding for Battle Hardened Smart Contracts requests 1,385 NEO. The project aims to fund auditing work for a cross-chain NFT project designed to inject new utility into NFTs, reactivating wallets in the process to give new life to abandoned projects. The proposal was endorsed by NNT and is currently in the timelock phase after a successful voting round.


Uplift Couponing
Status: Discussion

Uplift Couponing for NEO, another fresh proposal, requests 25,000 GAS to establish a USDT/NEO treasury for retail coupon settlement. The team aims to deliver a smart contract, app, and Web3 portal, estimating 150 days to complete the work.


Neo Hackathon
Status: Discussion

Neo Hackathon on Blockchain Conversation and Demo calls for 1,450 NEO to host a hackathon and demo day in Nigeria, including a Neo workshop as part of the schedule. Topics would include blockchain technology basics, zero-knowledge proofs, smart contracts, and DeFi, targeting developers, holders, and startup founders.


Status: Discussion

Aiming to fuel Neo’s growth in Latin America, WEB3DEV put forth a proposal requesting 2,875 NEO. This initiative seeks to establish a community and education platform focused on Web3 technology, delivering videos and articles over a six month period.


Status: Discussion

The proposal W3B3WAV3 Internetless connections surfaced, asking for 25,000 GAS to rent a cruise ship and conduct an offline hardware signing event. Participants would share public keys offline that could be used later to download data from a trusted source.


Status: Discussion

The proposal Transacting NEO on PassMeCash requests 5,000 NEO to establish a system of in-person agents who would facilitate cash for crypto swaps on Neo. The intent was to build a network that makes transacting with NEO as straightforward as possible in situations where cash is required on short notice.


Dual-token economy analysis milestone 2
Status: Expired

The proposal to fund the second milestone of the two-token economy analysis paper with 1,875 NEO was put on-chain, but expired without endorsement. Had it been successful, the paper would have explored the dynamics of user token holdings, GAS distribution, voting, and potential influences on platform stability. The paper produced in the first milestone may be read here.


Status: Expired

NeoFlow, an analytics platform designed for exploring activities in the NEO ecosystem, was introduced and put on-chain. It expired without endorsement. With an ask of 1,450 NEO, the proposal aimed to provide views into network activity, community development, and social trends within the Neo ecosystem. An MVP app was produced, which can be viewed here.


KIKA Token Software Company
Status: Expired

A proposal to build multiple apps in Web3 with a token model was submitted for endorsement and allowed to expire. The team had requested 2,000 NEO for the endeavor and promised to deliver competitors to several mainstream applications.


Status: Canceled

A proposal requesting 1,283 GAS to fund the sound effects for sci-fi FPS game Grenademinis was introduced and later canceled. Members participating in the discussion requested more information on the current state of game development due to the highly specific nature of the fund request.


College DAO
Status: Canceled

A request for 5,000 NEO to bring the Neo blockchain to US college campuses was canceled, with the intention of sharing a different proposal later. The initial proposal aimed to build a network and academy platform that would teach users how to get started with Web3 technologies.


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