Flamingo Finance has launched a new roadmap page on its website, providing users with clear expectations for 2023. Future plans include several community-requested features, such as an updated version of its on-chain orderbook, a JavaScript SDK for Flamingo interactions, and expanded marketing objectives.

The updated roadmap presents a comprehensive list of milestones for 2022 and 2023, outlining the anticipated evolution of the Flamingo platform and progress made so far. In 2022, the team released numerous enhancements, such as reverse pools, OneGate mobile wallet support, v1 of the on-chain orderbook and advanced trading facilities, plus the FUSD stablecoin launch.

Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2023, Flamingo improved user experience and user onboarding materials. The launch of Flamingo Lend was realized, and marketing initiatives were advanced through the Ambassador Program and an increased presence at public crypto events.

In the coming six months, users can anticipate new supported assets, an auction feature for project tokens, and an easy-to-use payment widget, Flamingo Pay, which will integrate with popular e-commerce websites. Developers aiming to incorporate Flamingo functionality into their applications will be able to utilize Flamingo Pay or an upcoming JavaScript library to facilitate token swaps and payments for users.

The team has also outlined its plans to further marketing activities throughout the remainder of the year. These include recruiting influencers, initiating more advertising campaigns, and new user guides with video tutorials.

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