General Updates

Neo Global Development hosted a Twitter Spaces in conjunction with the ongoing APAC Hackathon. The Spaces, entitled Examining Decentralization, Engagement, and Governance in Tech, featured representatives from NGD, AxLabs, and MoleDAO. Topics of discussion included how panelists use AI tools to empower their work output, the potential use cases of AI and blockchain, how AI is used in the participants’ different ecosystems, potential ways to use AI to make communities more engaging, AI-empowered oracles, and how to utilize AI in DAO processes.

NGD announced an upcoming Twitter Spaces dedicated to infrastructure, entitled Middleware for Blockchain Performance Improvement, featuring representatives from Neo SPCC, Greenfinch, and R3E Network. The event will take place at 9:00 a.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

NGD announced an upcoming coding workshop that will be hosted by AxLabs software engineer Michael Bucher. The workshop will teach users how to code smart contracts in Java and will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Aug. 3.

NGD opened registration for the second GAS station on the APAC Hackathon regional tour, which will take place from Aug. 12 to 13 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Perlin Finance launched its decentralized money market on the Neo N3 TestNet. Users can now test the platform that will eventually allow them to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies and borrow against the assets. To begin testing the platform, users must first acquire assets on the Neo N3 TestNet. The official Perlin Discord server offers a faucet that distributes NEO, GAS, fUSDT, fWBTC, and fWETH.

COZ CEO, Tyler Adams, joined RealTalkNFT to discuss his entrance into the blockchain space, COZ’s history and how it’s essentially been a co-op since day one, ITEM’s OneBand non-fungible item, how ITEM’s technology can disrupt secondary black markets of stolen items embedded with the technology, and potential next steps of collaborating with exchanges and clearinghouses.

Flamingo updated its roadmap, providing users with clear expectations for 2023. Future plans include several community-requested features, such as an updated version of its on-chain order book, a JavaScript SDK for Flamingo interactions, and expanded marketing objectives. In the coming six months, users can anticipate new supported assets, an auction feature for project tokens, and an easy-to-use payment widget, Flamingo Pay, which will integrate with popular e-commerce websites. Flamingo also shared statistics for the top pools by APR for Week 29 of 2023, noting approximately 62% for the FRP-bNEO-DOGEF and FRP-bNEO-DOGER liquidity pools, and 58% for the FRP-bNEO-SOM LP.

Meme2Earn airdropped 1 trillion TIPS tokens among 352 active users of the meme-to-earn platform. Eligible users included those who claimed TIPS and performed at least one task on the meme platform between July 20 and 27. Additionally, Meme2Earn announced that users will be eligible for TIPS rewards for memes posted on Sundays, beginning Aug. 6. Prior to this, winners of the Sunday meme competition would get their memes reposted on the official M2E Twitter account.

GrantShares proposal Audit funding for Battle Hardened Smart Contracts received the necessary amount of votes to pass, with funds subsequently released. Also, the DAO_Terminal proposal was put forth for discussion.

NNT released an overview of GrantShares activity over the past few months, which included initiatives that explore new application scenarios, while others focus on developer and user onboarding through incentive schemes and educational tools. Examples of delivered or executed projects include the Neo N3 developer training program, renewed iOS SDK milestones, learn-to-earn education bot, Pixudi, and more.

TranslateMe added its instant translation support for the Neon Wallet. The team asks users to sync their wallet to access 28 supported languages in the translator.

Developer Updates

NGD hosted a Go back-end dApp development workshop for the APAC Hackathon tour, which was conducted by Neo SPCC software engineer Anna.

COZ released neon.js v5.0.0, which included an update to fix a crash associated with react-native and added map contract parameter support.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 42 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Jesper Johansen, the CEO and Founder of Northstake, which builds streamlined and regulatory-compliant staking products for institution-grade investors and clients. Topics include the significance of MiCA legislation in Europe, building businesses off Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, how Northstake provides secure staking services to institutional clients, and plans to launch an ETH staking-based alternative investment fund.


Aug. 2: APAC Hackathon Twitter Spaces featuring Neo SPCC, Greenfinch, and R3E Network.
Aug. 3: APAC Hackathon coding workshop on coding smart contracts in Java.
Aug. 12 – 13: Neo APAC Hackathon tour stopping in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.