Guardian Circle, a Neo-based decentralized emergency responsive service, has announced Saepio, a hotel housekeeper panic button service. According to Guardian Circle CEO, Mark Jeffrey, the hotel employee safety industry is valued at approximately US $5 billion. By making “a few key modifications” to the Guardian Circle platform, it is claimed that Saepio can offer its product at a 1/6th the cost of current market competition.

In June 2020, Jeffrey participated on the Pomp Podcast, and noted Guardian Circle sought to expand to meet the growing response to nationwide safety concerns for hospital and service industry workers. He noted that across the US, so-called “panic button laws” are taking effect that require staff to be equipped with devices that allow them to signal and summon for immediate assistance when working alone.

To address the burgeoning market, Saepio is offering an automatic safety response platform that utilizes low-cost radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers and mobile phones. To build the Saepio infrastructural network, RFID stickers will be installed at the entrance of each hotel room, where staff can use their mobile device to check-in when entering the room to clean.

It is claimed the RFID stickers do not require batteries, beacons, or maintenance. An additional benefit that Saepio offers over current competitors is “100% room-level accuracy,” which WiFi or Bluetooth-based solutions are unable to offer. A demo of the Saepio platform can be found below:

Saepio is claimed to have “no hidden costs [and] no expensive devices.” The service will tentatively cost hotel providers a flat rate of US $8 per room, and US $12 for the additional keychain panic buttons.

Next Steps

In the announcement, Guardian Circle notes it has signed revenue-sharing contracts with four distributors of hotel products in the US that are actively selling the Saepio solution to their customers.

Looking forward, Guardian Circle is exploring ways in which the company can integrate its GUARD NEP-5 token with the Saepio service. One such solution might require Saepio customers stake GUARD on a per-door basis to access the Guardian Circle platform. Though, Jeffrey noted, “The trouble with this is that it’s unrealistic to expect corporate hotels to buy crypto — it’s too much for their old school accounting departments to swallow.”

Lastly, at current estimates, Guardian Circle has approximately eight months of runway left, barring any further revenue stream or investment. Jeffrey noted, “Once revenue is healthy, [we’ll] use the revenue to enhance GUARD’s utility within our app.”

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